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What’s new in OpenText TeamSite

OpenText™ TeamSite 23.2 makes it super simple for developers and marketing to work together on creating highly personalized and interactive experiences. The new TeamSite release extends current developer frameworks to be agnostic and integrate with your choice of IDE (Independent Development Environment) to create, edit and deploy interactive applications using languages and tools such as React, Angular and other JavaScript apps and front-end user experiences. These experiences could extend to interactive online calculators, forms, UX experiences like sliders or accordions, embedded video and many more, literally anything developers and marketing can dream-up and innovate with.

Savvy marketers know that providing a great content experience helps boost customer engagement and conversion rates. Research shows 93% of marketers believe that interactive content is more effective at educating the buyer compared to static content. It also generates four to five times more page views and two times more conversions.

Powerful interactive experiences are unleashed with this release, making this content type easily available to business users to drag, drop, edit available properties, and preview all in-context of the page and the specific component. And we are not stopping there, new frameworks and tools for DevOps and CI/CD are also available for implementation, encouraging reuse of development efforts. Take a holistic approach to how these compelling interactive experiences are managed and deployed. 

The screenshot shows how developers and marketing users can work with common components, being able to drag, drop and manage the interactive applications.
Developers and marketing users work with common components, being able to drag, drop and manage the interactive applications.

Extending to more data sources plus generative AI

For 23.2, TeamSite also tapped into the power of combining marketing, data analysis and development.  The TeamSite CMS platform can now be extended to more data sources for A/B testing, rich media management for videos, and utilizing Generative AI for Assisted Authoring.

Using a composability approach, the new release reinforces TeamSite as a single CMS platform to be used for websites, portals and a number of other omnichannel digital experiences. The CMS platform utilizes a component, template and hybrid headless architecture that can meet a variety of business and IT needs for flexibility, performance and security.

As part of the OpenText Experience Cloud, TeamSite works seamlessly with other key experience technologies: customer communications, digital asset management, personalization, customer data, A/B testing, notifications, and voice analytics. Read more about the 23.2 Experience Cloud release, the new unified UX, and foundational services, and how they are both extended and powered by TeamSite.

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