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The pressure is on for organizations amid economic uncertainty, global turmoil, and rising inflation. Providing an amazing customer experience (CX) and the connection to bottom-line business results is well-known. Yet there is no customer experience without employee experience – and there’s often a glaring disconnect between the two. Outdated technology, inefficient process, departmental and application silos get in the way. According to Gartner research, 64% of customer-facing employees say that “unnecessary effort” prevents them from delivering a higher-quality experience for customers.1

The laptop displays a screenshot of the unified UX of OpenText Experience Cloud 23.2.
The unified UX of OpenText Experience Cloud 23.2.

During OpenTextTM World Europe, a wide variety of solutions, demonstrations and customer stories showcase how a total experience approach addresses these internal and external needs. OpenTextTM Experience Cloud Edition 23.2 was also announced, providing the baseline to solve these challenges by connecting customer and employee experiences through a composable, open, and secure platform. It increases employee productivity and satisfaction with instant visibility and greater productivity in a modern workspace of tasks, tools, content, and insights. The Experience Cloud brings together a single workplace UX to empower employees with the right information, at the right time and in the right context.  Component-based flexibility allows companies to customize and brand personalized worker experiences based on business unit, roles, workflow, or product line. 

The convergence challenge 

Just as businesses move from siloed departments to organize around customer journeys and value streams, journey-centric internal experiences are aligned for workers to optimize those journeys as experiences are coming together too. Digital ‘on-the-glass’, communication and voice experiences are merging – forcing businesses to place information at the center of every experience. It involves understanding the user and each touchpoint of the journey leveraging data, information, and delivery channels to enhance the total experience. To create a seamless experience, businesses must connect digital on-the-glass experiences (web, mobile, and multi-device) with communication experiences (email, WhatsApp, push notifications, SMS) with voice experiences (agents in the contact center) to work together across the customer journey from exploration, activation, onboarding, support, customer retention and advocacy. This allows businesses to cater to the different preferences of their customers and provide a consistent experience throughout the entire journey.  

Digital, on-the-glass experiences 

However, businesses must adopt several key technologies and strategies to make this possible. They need headless web experience publishing and portal technologies, personalization, and journey analytics to enable line of business, marketing and developers working in concert to create, manage, and deliver content across various touchpoints to ensure consistency and relevance. Customer and behavioral data, journey analytics, testing and targeting services help optimize experiences through multivariable testing. With OpenText Experience Cloud 23.2, companies can deliver amazing digital experiences and remove barriers between developers and business users with flexible Integrated Development Environment (IDE) automation. 

Communications experiences

Businesses communication is essential for internal workers, partners, vendors and suppliers as well as customers. Real-time communication connects information streams – supply chains, inventory, shipping, billing, returns, customer support, status, and notifications are just some examples of how businesses need information in everyday interactions with customers. The ability to do this across channels and devices, with timely, accurate information for internal and external experiences, requires a flexible platform that is rich in capabilities and able to meet the business and customer needs, anytime and anywhere. A world-class customer communication management (CCM) solution integrated in an experience-centric platform allows businesses to interact and manage the internal and external journeys in real-time across various channels with relevant data and information to help the business succeed.  

Voice experiences

Gaining customer insights and empathy is essential – as is personalization at scale. Customer data platform, voice of the customer, agent experience management and journey analytics solutions help employees understand key business drivers and optimize the customer journey. Organizations must analyze customer behavior, empower agents in the call center, measure their success, and adjust their strategies accordingly. By monitoring customer journeys, businesses can better understand their customers and their needs, enabling them to improve the overall customer experience. 

Connect the dots with a total experience approach 

Creating a seamless and connected journey requires businesses to embrace new technologies and strategies to meet the diverse needs of their customers and employees. An integrated platform of capabilities allowing experience-centric, internal and external journeys puts people first. Information, and information management is at the core of being experience centric.  To effectively manage information, key capabilities need to be aligned with back-office systems, including integrations with enterprise systems, the ability to work in native tools, business process management, and ensure security, compliance and archiving. Without a holistic approach to experiences and the back-office, organizations are faced with productivity gaps, broken processes and business and compliance risk. Connecting the dots can truly be a challenge, especially without the right strategy, approach and highly flexible platform. 

The total experience approach with customers and employees at the center ensures businesses can gain a sustainable competitive edge. It’s a winning formula for more productive workers with tools to help cultivate long-lasting relationships with customers.

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GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally. All rights reserved.

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