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Protect your organization from failures or unavailability of remote access infrastructure

Increase uptime of your Exceed TurboX remote access infrastructure

In today’s organizations, team members are often geographically dispersed, making high-quality remote access critical to productivity. OpenText™ Exceed™ TurboX is a leading remote access software solution that provides remote access to graphically demanding software on Windows, Linux and UNIX. Used across industries like Electronic Design Automation, Manufacturing, Finance, Oil and Gas, and more, Exceed TurboX provides knowledge workers and engineers working on complex 2D and/or 3D designs with reliable and high-speed access to remote connections.

Exceed TurboX not only enables virtualization for graphically demanding software, but it also enables desktop virtualization (VDI) for all desktops in an organization. Organizations using Exceed TurboX can implement a comprehensive VDI architecture that can result in significant IT cost savings and help to protect intellectual property. Additionally, Exceed TurboX provides access to everything users need, wherever and whenever they need it. This means that employees can collaborate across the organization with fast and secure access to mission critical business applications and environments.

Exceed TurboX 12.0 now available

The latest version – Exceed TurboX 12.0 – is available now and includes an important new benefit that ensures remote access service is always available. Exceed TurboX 12.0 features Active-Active High Availability to minimize service interruptions. Multiple Exceed TurboX servers can be added to a cluster to form a pool for load balancing and automatic failover. In the case that one server fails, the software automatically redirects active sessions to a different active server.

Eliminate single points of failure

Failures can happen and downtime for exchanging a broken server part or fixing a software issue can easily run to hours or even days, resulting in engineers being unable to access their core systems. Using Exceed TurboX 12.0 you can easily eliminate single points of failure to ensure the highest possible remote access infrastructure uptime.

Create a load balanced and redundant infrastructure

Exceed TurboX 12.0 allows you to create redundant infrastructure that also acts as powerful load balancer. With the latest version, Exceed TurboX servers can be grouped into a server cluster, all servers in a cluster synch their data in a mesh style network between each other. The ongoing synchronization between all servers makes sure every single server is able to take over from a failing server at any time.

ETX 12 High Availablility Architecture

Reliable automatic crossover

In the case of a failure of one server, the other servers are taking over the active users from the failed server and continue to provide remote access service. No sessions are lost and users keep working as if nothing has happened. IT then has time to fix the issue while remote access is still fully available.

Learn more

Visit our website to learn more about Exceed TurboX 12.0. Then, read more in the Exceed TurboX eBook, get a trial version of Exceed TurboX, or try the online demo.

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Martin is an experienced Product Marketing Manager with long history in designing and marketing development and database software, marketing remote access software including launching the first Windows software development IDE and Windows database. He's a keen content contributor to OpenText social channels.

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