Ditch one-size-fits-all: OpenText offers customizable Microsoft Dynamics 365 EDI integration

Companies often struggle with rigid and inflexible B2B integration solutions, hindering their ability to flow EDI transactions efficiently between internal systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and their external trading partners. This, in turn, can lead to delays, errors, missed opportunities, and higher costs.

Unlike rigid off-the-shelf adapters, OpenText customers can choose from pre-built components to create a tailor-made solution that seamlessly integrates their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with any internal or external system. Our modular approach lets you pick and choose capabilities and services, keeping you within budget while maximizing value.

This solution provides:

  • Rapid Deployment and Affordability: Faster implementation compared to fully custom integrations and lower total cost of ownership.
  • Flexibility and Customization: Ability to tailor the solution to specific needs, unlike rigid off-the-shelf adapters.
  • Real-Time Visibility and Insights: Instant visibility and management of all EDI transactions, optionally embedded centrally in your Dynamics 365 Business Central user interface.
  • Shipment Intelligence: Options to add enterprise-level capabilities such as real-time shipment tracking that can alert for potential disruptions.
  • Scalability and Futureproofing: Grow your business with a budget-friendly enterprise-level platform that can expand functionality as needed.

The power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and OpenText ERP integration…

When it’s powered by OpenText’s ERP integration solution, the Microsoft Dynamics dashboard is automatically populated with the EDI transaction flowing from external trading partners.

This is an image of the Microsoft Dynamics dashboard powered by integration with OpenText.

…With the visibility provided by OpenText Lens

OpenText™ Lens™ is a powerful, user-friendly cloud application delivering visibility into the data flows between your enterprise applications and connected systems, customers, suppliers and trading partners.

This is an image of the powerful transaction visibility provided by OpenText through Lens.

Why trust your Microsoft Dynamics EDI integration to OpenText?

  • Experience you can trust: With over 30 years of expertise managing ERP integrations of all shapes and sizes, we’ve seen it all. We handle thousands of customer requests monthly, and that knowledge underpins every project we undertake.
  • Planning you can rely on: No more surprises or delays! Our proprietary data discovery tool maps out your entire project landscape, including any potential compliance hurdles, before we even break ground. This ensures smooth sailing from start to finish.
  • Implementation at warp speed: With over 1,400 customer support resources at your disposal, we ensure your project is staffed and executed based on a clear, mutually agreed-upon timeline. No more waiting in the slow lane.

Stop struggling and start streamlining transaction flows to and from your Dynamics 365 Business Central. Learn more about our customizable ERP integration adapters and B2B/EDI solutions configured to fit any size company and budget.

Naomi Skinner

As Senior Manager, Product Marketing for OpenText Business Network, Naomi leads product marketing efforts for B2B integration in the supply chain space as well as in healthcare. Experienced marketer across various industries, Naomi enjoys translating complex concepts into simple terms.

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