Rethinking Supply Chains at the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium Xpo, Orlando

OpenText will be at the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium Xpo in Orlando May 6-8! Join us for an informative conversation with Mr. Supply Chain on new technologies and visit us at Booth #515.

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April 29, 20243 minute read

This is an image of a robot in a warehouse symbolizing the future of supply chains.

I will be attending the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium Xpo, Rethinking Supply Chains, in Orlando in a few days. This conference runs May 6-8, 2024, and OpenText has participated in this conference in the past, both in Orlando and its sister event in Europe, usually taking place a month later. Both of these leading events bring together supply chain leaders from around the world and from various industry sectors to discuss key trends impacting their operations and to learn from each other how to improve supply chain operations. The Orlando event also brings together numerous software and solution vendors, along with key thought leaders who focus on the supply chain function of a business. 

The key theme for this year’s conference is ‘Rethinking Supply Chains’. With so many disruptions impacting today’s supply chains and significant advancements in new technologies, this conference will focus on what supply chain leaders need to do to build resilience around their supply chain operations. Crucial to creating this resilience is optimizing supply chain operations or adopting new technologies to help automate processes and ensure supply chains operate to their best capacity.

Disruptive technologies and the supply chains of the future

Supply chains are in the middle of a perfect technological storm, with new disruptive technologies vying to prove their worth and become a vital component of the IT infrastructure supporting today’s supply chain operations. From IoT to Generative AI and augmented reality to advanced humanoid robots and drones, supply chain leaders have never had it so good in terms of how these technologies can impact their business. With advances in AI, particularly the introduction of Generative AI, supply chain leaders and their customers can completely rethink how they engage with their supply chain operations. In addition, when combined, these new technologies could potentially lead to the introduction of genuinely autonomous supply chain operations. This is something I started to talk about in 2018 with the introduction of blockchain

Now that time has passed, technology has matured, and with Gen AI and advancements in edge-based technologies, we have a chance to reset or rethink our approach to building autonomous supply chain operations. But where does a company start when evaluating such technologies, and which will become part of the standard IT infrastructure supporting supply chains in the years to come?

Join OpenText and Mr. Supply Chain

I am pleased to announce that OpenText will exhibit at this year’s Gartner conference in Orlando.  We have several activities planned, and the highlight will be my discussion with the one and only Mr. Supply Chain, Daniel Stanton, on how new technologies will impact future supply chain operations.  I have been following Mr. Supply Chain across his social media channels for many years since he launched his Dummies Guide to Supply Chain Management, now in its third edition. Mr. Supply Chain and I will have a brief 20-minute conversation on the state of today’s supply chain operations and the opportunity presented by new technologies such as IoT and Gen AI to rethink their supply chain operations.

We look forward to seeing you from May 6 to 8 at the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium Xpo in Orlando. Visit us at Booth #515. 

My conversation with Mr. Supply Chain, “Navigating the future of supply chain innovation,” starts at 4:45 pm on Tuesday, May 7, on Stage 2 of the Xpo, located in the Atlantic Hall. Mr. Supply Chain and I look forward to seeing you in Orlando and our OpenText team will be on hand to discuss any supply chain integration challenge that you may have!

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