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Opera America hits a high note with OpenText Hightail

Non-profit arts organization boosts project efficiency and customer satisfaction

Behind every aria is a community of artists, creating and fine-tuning performances that inspire and unite. How do today’s artists collaborate on creative projects, especially when they are so often ‘on the road’?

Opera America, a non-profit service organization founded in 1970, serves more than 150 professional opera companies and other members of the opera community through programs, workshops, recordings, live streaming and more. Audio and video media files abound; however, sharing the assets via email, hard drives or file transfer proved daunting.

Enter stage right: OpenText Hightail™, a collaboration solution purpose-built for creative review, as well as file sharing and project management. The cloud-based solution serves as a centralized platform to manage and store digital media. Opera America team members, performers and other clients access and review media files in real-time, no matter their location. Furthermore, media files are defined by approval processes and workflows that speed project delivery.

“The OpenText Hightail platform has more than doubled our production value on our production time,” said Matthew Wilson, facilities and technical manager for the National Opera Center, an Opera America rehearsal and performance space. The organization creates 1,000 recordings a year with expected growth.

Opera America increases client satisfaction and supports the creation, presentation and enjoyment of opera by connecting the artistic community in conversation around audio and video assets in real-time.

According to Wilson—who worked in digital media, film and television for many years—“To be perfectly honest, I haven’t found anything that can match OpenText Hightail.”

You can see more of what Wilson has to say about Opera America’s use of the collaborative solution in the full success story here.

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