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One year into the Hightail and OpenText collaboration

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Founded in 2004 as YouSendIt, Hightail was originally designed to help individuals and businesses easily and securely transfer large files from one person to another. The solution pioneered a new file sharing industry, set to displace the frustrations faced with attempting to email large documents, uploading to a clunky FTP site, or passing off thumb drives from one device to another. It then was quickly followed by fellow cloud-based file sharing and storage services such as Citrix ShareFile, WeTransfer and Google Drive.

Fast forward nine years later to 2013, YouSendIt was rebranded to Hightail to allow the business to expand product offerings beyond sending large files. In 2015, we enhanced the offering further with the release of a series of collaboration features (accessed through visual workspaces called Spaces) that addressed the growing need for creative and marketing professionals to simplify the way that they collected and routed feedback on multimedia files.

A little over one year ago, Hightail hit a new milestone when it was acquired by OpenText. Since the acquisition, Hightail has continued to offer its uninterrupted secure file sharing and collaboration service to customers while progressing the application with the release of new features, such as freehand annotations, side-by-side version comparison and the ability to purchase multi-user accounts online through our Teams plan.

Additionally, we’ve extended our offering through strategic integrations with OpenText™ Media Management and OpenText™ Core to further address the needs of creative and marketing teams who require the ability to review and collaborate on their digital media assets.

Join our webinar May 7

It’s been an exciting first year with OpenText, and we look forward to continuing to innovate the Hightail service for our customers. Join us on May 7 from 10:00AM – 10:30AM PT to learn about the newest features we’ve released in Hightail. During the webinar, Senior Customer Success Manager Kurt Dodge will demonstrate new options for sending large files, a more streamlined recipient experience and some Hightail features that might be new to you.

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