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When it comes to collaborating on creative projects, we know that processes can often get in the way. Your team members might find themselves working…

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September 10, 20194 minutes read

When it comes to collaborating on creative projects, we know that processes can often get in the way. Your team members might find themselves working on the wrong versions of an asset, or there might be multiple versions of the same asset being worked on by different people. Or perhaps there’s simply a general miscommunication about feedback or approvals due to a lack of context. These process challenges can negatively impact your team’s productivity and increase the time needed to finish a project.

That’s why we’re pleased to share that you can now purchase an OpenText™ Hightail™ Business plan directly online. A Hightail Business plan enables you to bypass contracts and paperwork to get your creative projects moving faster. Plus, you’ll gain access to all of the features that many agencies, marketers and other creatives have used to improve productivity and creativity with their teams and with external partners.

Share Large Files

Have you ever been working on a really great creative asset, were ready to email it out for feedback and then came across this dreaded message – “File size too large”? Or maybe you brought it over to a teammate on a flash drive, and it somehow disappeared from their desk?

With a Hightail business plan, those issues are a thing of the past. Not only can you send files that are up to 100GB, but you are also able to ensure those files are secure—with features like send tracking and delivery notifications, as well as the ability to set password protection and expiration dates for your files. You also will have unlimited storage space to keep those files in.

It’s easy for your recipients to use too. When recipients access your files in Hightail, they don’t need to log in—unless you make that a requirement. They also can save time by previewing images, photos, videos, PDFs, presentations, audio files and more.

Need to receive a file instead? Hightail provides you with your own personal uplink that you can send to whoever you are collaborating with, so they can easily upload files—even if they don’t have a Hightail account.

Hightail also makes it easy to get organized for collaboration by storing and organizing your files into Spaces, visual folders that allow recipients to view several files at once.

Creative Collaboration

Another issue with collaborating through email is that messages can get mixed, people might be working on different versions or the feedback chain can be halted by someone going on vacation or a request getting buried in their inbox.

With Hightail, multiple reviewers can comment on an asset in a real-time conversation and Hightail’s version control feature means that everyone is working on the same version.

The collaboration process won’t get stuck because you can assign follow-ups with due dates to specific team members. And feedback is also very precise, with the ability to use freehand annotations or comment directly on a particular section of an image or a particular point within a video.

Need to route your project for approval? Hightail makes it easy by letting stakeholders know when you need their input. Request approvals from multiple team members or clients in a specific order with assigned due dates. Reviewers can approve content with a single click or let the team know there is additional feedback.

When everyone is on the same page, creative teams can save time and money and improve employee morale and client relationships. Signing up for a Hightail Business Plan (for three or more users) has never been so easy. Unlock serious productivity by signing up for a Hightail Business plan today.

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