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OpenText receives ‘Built for NetSuite’ accreditation from Oracle 

OpenText recently became a member of the NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network. As a NetSuite partner, we ensure that complementary solutions and services we provide, such as OpenText Business Network Cloud for NetSuite, seamlessly integrate into the core NetSuite platform. That’s why being awarded the ‘Built for NetSuite’ accreditation is such great news.

We know that the days of the monolithic ERP system are in the past and NetSuite, perhaps more that any other platform, has rewritten what organizations can achieve through specific Cloud-based modules. It has opened up the power of ERP to a new generation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

OpenText has been collaborating with Oracle for many years to integrate our information management solutions with the platform. So, access into the SuiteCloud Developer Network is recognition of this hard work. It allows us to deepen and broaden our relationship with NetSuite to enable NetSuite customers to easily build out their business solution portfolio around their core ERP platform.

The power of a hybrid NetSuite solution

All organizations require the assurance that they can integrate together all the components in their IT armory. The‘Built for NetSuite’ logo on a complementary solution – known as SuiteApps – assures customers that it was developed in cooperation with NetSuite and following NetSuite development best practice. Both partners also thoroughly test these apps to deliver smooth integration and operation.

In short, it reduces the risk and increases the benefits from essential IT investment.

OpenText has elected to become a partner that provides ‘Hybrid SuiteApps’. We believe that the hybrid approach delivers the most powerful information management solutions for NetSuite. A Hybrid SuiteApp designation places solution components where they are best suited to create value. Some components reside within the NetSuite platform while others remain in the OpenText Cloud, with seamless integration between each. In this way, a customer never has to compromise on the functionality of their chosen solution.

Why is being a SuiteCloud Developer Network partner important?

NetSuite is the world’s leading cloud business management software suite made specifically for the needs of high-growth and mid-sized businesses. It has achieved this status by creating a series of business-related solutions such as ERP, Accounts Payable and eCommerce. The company also works tirelessly to expand its portfolio of partners to bring increased functionality that has been developed and optimized for the NetSuite platform.

This is an image of someone using NetSuite on a tablet in a warehouse.

As the world leader in information management solutions, OpenText is a perfect fit as a SuiteCloud Developer Network partner. We are currently a ‘Select’ partner with privileged access to NetSuite product and development teams.  This creates a great deal of value for our joint customers through:

  • Seamless information management capabilities integrated across the NetSuite portfolio of business management solutions
  • Close cooperation between OpenText and NetSuite product development and support teams
  • Joint solutions developed to NetSuite guidelines and best practices
  • Comprehensive technical testing and services to ensure excellent operation of joint solutions
  • Joint product management/roadmap development

The partnership between OpenText and NetSuite marks another significant success for the OpenText Partner Program. The program is designed to work closely with industry-leading enterprise application providers such as Oracle. It’s developing a global ecosystem of complementary and trusted solution providers that can deliver digital transformational services to customers worldwide focused on OpenText technologies.


Find out more about our partnership with NetSuite and the OpenText Partner Program.

Naomi Skinner

As Senior Manager, Product Marketing for OpenText Business Network, Naomi leads product marketing efforts for B2B integration in the supply chain space as well as in healthcare. Experienced marketer across various industries, Naomi enjoys translating complex concepts into simple terms.

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