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OpenText delivers the biggest IT Operations innovations in a generation

The biggest releases in OpenText IT Operations Cloud solutions ever (so far)

It’s a bold claim to make that the latest releases across our ITOM portfolio are the biggest ever. Whether you’re a new customer to OpenText™ ITOM, you have solutions that go back to the HPE days, or are considering one of our solutions, it’s easy to see that there’s crazy amounts of innovation happening.

Finally, self-service that’s actually self-service

Have you ever had a frustrating IT experience where you submit a ticket, wait a day or two, and then watch it get escalated around until someone who can actually help gets involved? What if you could get your questions answered, requests fulfilled, and incidents resolved through instant self-service?

Chatbots have promised some level of self-service in the past but haven’t delivered the best experience. That’s the power generative AI brings to our new virtual agent. Say hello to OpenText IT Operations Aviator, which uses a private large language model (LLM) to engage users with a conversational approach. Once Aviator is trained on your data, it can take advantage of all the great workflow automation that you’ve built into OpenText SMAX, our ITSM and ESM solution, to reduce the need for tier-1 support.

That will not only elevate the user experience but address skilled staff shortages and reduce service desk costs. And because it uses a private LLM, your data isn’t shared on public generative AI platforms, protecting your intellectual property. We’ve also tuned for the virtual agent use case in ITSM that public LLMs can’t, while giving customers control giving you control over the ethics of its responses. OpenText is proud to be the first ITSM vendor with a private generative AI virtual agent that is generally available.

Optimize cloud costs and carbon with FinOps and GreenOps

Developers building the apps we love are incented by release velocity, not by efficiency. That leads to a tremendous amount of cloud waste. And it’s not just budget, but carbon footprint that grows unsustainably when public cloud consumption isn’t optimized. While our Cloud FinOps solution, OpenText HCMX FinOps Express, has been available for almost a year, we’re adding three key capabilities that no other vendor has.

The first is “what if” modeling of savings plans, helping you identify the right level of spend commitment with your cloud provider to get the best rates without overspending.

The second is automated routing of optimization recommendations to developers. Once the right developer has a recommendation, we’re giving them an easy button to automatically implement that optimization if they choose to do so. This solves the problem of recommendations never getting implemented because developers don’t see them or don’t act.

Finally, we now offer reporting for scope 2 and scope 3 emissions produced by both your public cloud and owned data centers. This is the first step of our GreenOps solution to baseline and then demonstrate sustainable reductions in carbon emissions over time. More GreenOps features are coming to help you identify the best opportunities to optimize your IT carbon footprint.

Cloud monitoring built for CloudOps and SREs

OpenText OpScope is different. It is an agentless, SaaS-based solution built for SREs who are new in their role. It automatically discovers and implements monitoring. Guided troubleshooting helps identify problems and solutions. And it provides instant insights for cloud-native applications with built-in OpenTelemetry for tracing and logs. You can achieve rapid observability to drive consistent reliability without blowing your entire budget on observability tools.

Any one of these innovations would be huge for the ITOps community. Put all these together, and it’s fair to say that this is the most impressive set of releases that the OpenText ITOM team has ever delivered. It’s our hope that customers are able elevate their user experiences, optimize their costs and carbon, and achieve consistent reliability. IT operations teams are transforming from cost centers to value delivery organizations, and OpenText is here to help with that journey.

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Travis Greene

Travis is the Sr. Director of Product Marketing for OpenText IT Operations Management solutions. He began his career as a US Naval Officer but switched to running data centers and managing IT operations in 2000, gaining Expert certification in ITIL. He joined OpenText in 2005, and has been published in Security Week Magazine, InfoWorld and Forbes, while speaking at Interop, RSA, itSMF and Gartner events among dozens of others.

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