OpenText 2020: Cloud, cyber resiliency and partnerships

New deployments, features, functionality and updates are about to get easier and faster for organizations running OpenText™ solutions. As we roll out OpenText Cloud Editions…

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March 30, 20204 minute read

New deployments, features, functionality and updates are about to get easier and faster for organizations running OpenText™ solutions. As we roll out OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) 20.2 this spring, we will bring automated management of our products in the cloud.

This is just one of many new announcements in the year ahead to enable our customers to work more efficiently and stay ahead of today’s fast-changing business environment. In my last blog, I gave an overview of the new AI, security and content collaboration capabilities coming this year. In this blog, I’ll focus on new innovations we’re delivering in cloud and cyber resiliency, and the state of some of our partnerships.

New cloud-based features

OpenText CE 20.2 uses Docker, Kubernetes and Google Anthos to streamline the deployment, upgrade and maintenance of many OpenText solutions, like OpenText™ Content Suite, OpenText™ Extended ECM, OpenText™ AppWorks™, OpenText™ Media Management and others – more than 20 solutions in all. The launch of OpenText Release CE brings ease of operations to all OpenText customers, and as more organizations move business-critical workflows to the OpenText™ Cloud, the benefits of managed services and seamless upgrades will be even greater.

With OpenText CE, every one of our products will be adding dozens of new features and integrations, all of them designed to help organizations work more efficiently, more securely and more collaboratively.

I will be announcing OpenText CE 20.2 during my technology keynote at our digital Enterprise World event in April – register to join me online.

Added security capabilities

Following the recent acquisition of Carbonite and Webroot by OpenText, we have expanded our cyber resilience capabilities through the addition of three distinct security solutions: endpoint security for consumers and businesses, endpoint backup for protection against ransomware and Threat Intelligence for real-time defense against malicious IP addresses and URLs.

Webroot’s endpoint backup capabilities, for example, enable users to recover quickly if they become the target of a ransomware attack. Rather than finding yourself locked out of your systems – as the City of Atlanta did in early 2018 – you can quickly rebuild the operating system on desktops, laptops and servers, then restore data from our backup and get back to work.

Meanwhile, Threat Intelligence uses machine learning to crawl the internet, identify malicious addresses online and watch for signs that your organization is about to connect with one of these. With more than two billion suspicious IP addresses and URLs identified, Threat Intelligence gives your security professionals vital information to help protect your networks and data.

Even before our Carbonite/Webroot acquisition, OpenText had partnered with Webroot to deliver critical data and intelligence for customers using our EnCase solutions for digital forensics investigations. With the acquisition now complete, we can integrate these capabilities even more deeply into our OpenText™ EnCase™ products.

Expanding partnerships

In the months ahead, we will continue to build on new and ongoing partnerships with leading companies like Mastercard, which uses our identity access management solution and the OpenText cloud to secure the identity of its customers. We expect to build even further on those capabilities through our Internet of Things (IoT) solution.

IoT and identity access management (IAM) promise benefits in ways we are yet to see.  With the fast-growing number of IP addressable devices and systems – everything from heart monitors and smart speakers to cars and airplanes – we’re going to see many more incredibly useful applications of these technologies in the future. The use of IoT technology in the life sciences has become increasingly important given our current global health crisis, and we expect this trend to continue.

I’m incredibly excited to start unveiling these new solutions and technologies to our customers, starting with our announcements on April 8th. Please join me and our CEO & CTO Mark Barrenechea as we unveil the future of Information Management, cyber resilience and cloud.

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Muhi S. Majzoub is the Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer for OpenText. Joining the company in 2012, Muhi has held various senior executive positions. He currently leads the development organization to define the vision and strategy for OpenText products and their transition to the cloud. Prior to OpenText, Muhi was Chief of Products for NorthgateArinso, where he was responsible for defining the company’s product vision, strategy and the development life cycle. He focused on consolidating the late software portfolio and developing new product capabilities for both cloud and on-premises solutions. Muhi has also held the position of Senior Vice President of Product Development for CA, Inc., where he was responsible for the development of the common technology platform and components and integration strategy. Prior to CA, Muhi was Vice President of Product Development at Oracle Corporation. During his tenure at Oracle, he was responsible for the delivery of the Sales Automation Suite, including Sales Online TeleSales, Sales Compensation, Sales Intelligence and many other Internet technology projects, such as Oracle Store, and the MetaLink TAR system. Muhi attended San Francisco State University.

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