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New in EP4: Documentum Connector for OpenText Core

Automatically publish content from OpenText Documentum to an external audience

The new OpenText Documentum Connector for OpenText Core enables automatic publishing of content to an external audience when customizable criteria are met. It allows OpenText Core to become an extension of Documentum and act as a sharing platform where external contractors and partners can access and view documents on any device. Once set up, rules-based publishing ensures that only the latest, approved versions of document are in circulation.

  • Field workers get access to the right documentation–at the right moment, from any device—so they can get the job completed quickly and on the first site visit
  • External contractors only ever see the most current versions of documents, ensuring that jobs get done to spec
  • Content publishers don’t have to worry about whether content is qualified for sharing or not, because IT or business administrators sets the boundaries on what content can leave the repository, and information security is built in to the process

This folder in Documentum has been configured so that when a document version is marked as “Current” and has been “Approved” through a workflow, it is automatically published to OpenText Core where it can be access by selected external partners.


In OpenText Core, external partners immediately get access to approved documentation. New partners can easily be added and deleted from the shared folder. At the end a project, shares can be revoked so that content is only shared externally for the time it is needed.

The days of sending contractors emails with large attachments are over – you can now automate the process of pushing documentation to the people who need it and revoke access when the job is complete. With bulk/volume sharing, you can even apply the content share policies to entire folders and share all qualifying content—no need to wallow through applying individual permissions to large numbers of files.

Come and get a live demo of the integration in the Expo Hall at Enterprise World 2018 in Toronto, July 10-12.

George Harot

George is a Product Marketing Director for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, based in London, UK.

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