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The amount of information stored in business systems is increasing exponentially – particularly in the form of unstructured data such as images and video. Unfortunately,…

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July 20, 20214 minutes read

The amount of information stored in business systems is increasing exponentially – particularly in the form of unstructured data such as images and video. Unfortunately, with the increase in stored information comes an equally exponential increase in the risk to your organization and its reputation.

The risks to your business are real:         

  • The European Union Digital Services Act (DSA) has proposed that any platform used by more than 10% (around 45 million members of the European population) is deemed systemic. The platform’s owner is required to review content posted by its users
  • A company was fined $180 million for a data breach that included log-in and payment information for nearly 400,000 people
  • A well-known fast-food chain suffered a publicity scandal related to nude photos of employees found on company servers.

These potential problems are only exacerbated by the move to remote work.

According to a recent report from LRN, 56% of the organizations said they expect an increase in misconduct on business systems due to pandemic-related workplace changes. Equally concerning is another report from Kaspersky where 51% of workers admitted to watching adult content on devices they use for work purposes – both work-issued and personal devices.

Today’s existing content assessment processes are manual, time-consuming, and prone to misidentifications from human error. Organizations need a way to take a proactive approach, instead of reactively addressing risk as it arises.

Announcing OpenText Magellan Risk Guard

OpenText™ Magellan™ Risk Guard leverages advanced AI capabilities in an easy-to-deploy and simple-to-manage system to uncover and act on potential risks hidden from sensitive or inappropriate data potentially stored on your systems.

AI-powered risk assessment 

Detecting inappropriate or sensitive content in an organization’s systems can be time-consuming and costly, if not simply impossible when done manually. Magellan Risk Guard accelerates this identification using a powerful combination of AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Understanding (NLU), and computer vision technology to detect and classify inappropriate content across large volumes of data.

Magellan Risk Guard allows you to go beyond traditional analysis of text, instead using its integrated computer vision capabilities to search image, audio, and video files.

Magellan Risk Guard includes more than 20 prebuilt AI models to identify inappropriate or sensitive content. These models can identify more than 50 distinct risk categories, including:

  • Risk categories such as violence, alcohol, weapons, pornography, and more
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as name, credit card numbers, or social security number
  • Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (SPII) such as performance data, financial/tax data, or political opinions

Intuitive interactivity

Anyone can put Magellan Risk Guard’s powerful AI, NLP, and computer vision processing to work for your organization with a simple and intuitive interface. Magellan Risk Guard’s built-in AI models can be easily configured and managed with a few clicks.

The interface builds upon OpenText’s strong history of powerful tools that are easy to use for organizations of all sizes. The modern Magellan Risk Guard interface is designed for any user with straightforward project setup and built-in reporting.

Every organization has different compliance and operational needs. Magellan Risk Guard’s configurable risk assessment makes it easily adaptable to your business and compliance needs.

Take action to protect your organization

Speeding up detection isn’t the only benefit with Magellan Risk Guard’s integrated AI models and easily configurable risk categories. Built-in reporting helps to improve your team’s experience to understanding the risk identified within projects whether at a high, or granular, level.

When risky content is identified, users can take immediate action to delete, move, or flag for a manual assessment. Magellan Risk Guard creates a full assessment with searchable metadata for each flagged file, and reports are created on the results for each file, what risk category was triggered, the action taken, and who took the action.

Learn more

Learn more about how Magellan Risk Guard can help your organization automate sensitive and inappropriate content identification and remediation for risk mitigation, increase regulatory privacy compliance, improve corporate integrity, reduce costs, and improve employee efficiency.

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