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Introducing OpenText Core for Federated Compliance

Centralized oversight of record policy across Documentum repositories

Holistic, cross-enterprise information governance has long been the vision for records administrators coping with large-scale enterprise content. In truth, the realities of operating a large organization, with independent and geographically-dispersed business units, often result in the deployment of multiple repositories, each of which evolves to unique configurations and records policies. As records policies become more complex with the introduction of new data privacy regulations and as the risk profile continues to rise, centralized governance processes become an organizational imperative with no leeway for gaps and inconsistencies. To help organizations achieve centralized and automated management and oversight of records policies, OpenText™ is pleased to announce the launch of OpenText™ Core for Federated Compliance.

The innovative architectural approach of Core for Federated Compliance has several distinct benefits:

  • Flexible: Manage cloud or on-premises Documentum repositories, or a combination of both
  • Secure: Content never leaves the original repository, respecting critical data security and data sovereignty requirements
  • Scalable: Operational command and control is centralized, while policies are enacted locally, reducing scalability issues

At this year’s Enterprise World in Toronto, OpenText EVP and Chief Product Officer Muhi Majzoub summarized it well: OpenText customers have been strongly emphasizing the need to manage information risk and policy compliance at the enterprise level.

VIDEO: Peter Anctil, Product Manager, and Chief Product Officer Muhi Majzoub demonstrated OpenText Core for Federated Compliance at Enterprise World 2019 in Toronto.

OpenText™ Documentum™ is the first of several enterprise-class content repositories to be managed by Core for Federated Compliance.  Documentum customers can centrally manage their corporate records policies.

Centralized records policy management

Define and manage your complete corporate records policy across repositories.

Enterprise-wide compliance dashboards and reporting

Track ongoing records classification, holds and level of compliance through visual dashboards and reports.

Validate records compliance

Business unit or local records administrators can measure adherence to records policies in each repository.

Additional information repositories on the way

Future releases will feature additional support for content platforms, including OpenText Content Suite, OpenText InfoArchive and Microsoft Office 365. OpenText will announce availability in future releases.

Learn more

Visit the product web page to download the “Information Dexterity” whitepaper.

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Mike Safar

Mike Safar leads product marketing for OpenText information governance products and serves as a subject matter expert on information governance solutions and best practices. Mike's previous experience has been in product management and marketing of leading information governance products for over 25 years, starting with integrated document management, records systems, and most recently intelligent content analytics solutions. His past experience includes positions at Interwoven, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and PC DOCS Group.

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