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Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will…

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October 11, 20236 minute read

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.

Leonardo da Vinci

At OpenText™, artificial intelligence (AI) has been in our DNA for decades. Much like aviation, once we started, we couldn’t see another way. OpenText has a history of AI innovations across all areas -– natural language processing, robotics and IoT, machine learning, process automation, generative AI, and more. Our destination is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) – where AI software moves from automating calculations to making choices.

When machines make choices, the need for trusted data, risk management, governance, security, and values-based design become paramount. is our go-forward vision and strategy. Our mission is to empower teams with the AI Advantage to reimagine work. With secure information management, we believe advanced technologies can bring together human intelligence with artificial intelligence. This collaborative intelligence will enable companies to create a better future. When we apply AI to focus on speed, scale, and skills, we can elevate people to be more – more present leaders, more engaged colleagues, more creative innovators.

Smarter with OpenText  

What we’ve learned from decades of helping customers manage their large, complex data sets is that information management is a prerequisite of AI.

Information management + trusted data + AI = smarter organizations

Customers manage all types of data through the OpenText cloud – operational data that reflect millions of transactions, experiential data that reflect digital touchpoints and behaviors, and now learning data from generative AI models. This unforeseen layer of learning data  will come with different requirements, different use cases, and a whole new layer of data integration to fuel self-learning models. 

Introducing OpenText Aviator

OpenText Aviator is our family of AI products and services that span a full stack of offerings – from applications to foundational platforms to AI orchestration.  Customers have trusted us to help them manage their large private data sets for a long time – from B2B transactions to content repositories to application code and intellectual property.  Now, without having to move their data, customers can utilize OpenText Aviator to take advantage of AI.      

OpenText Aviator for Business is a suite of generative AI capabilities within our business applications. We are embedding generative AI within the context of automated workflows to drive decision automation. Customers who are on OpenText Cloud Editions will experience new AI capabilities every 90-days with our quarterly releases.

Our starting set of solutions include:

OpenText Aviator for Technologists are the foundational AI platforms and AI engineering tools that customers can leverage to ingest, transform, and enrich their data to fuel AI.   Customers need to organize their data, build the data fabrics, and orchestrate the appropriate information syntax and flows that will enable large learning models (LLMs) to work. Once the data strategy is clear and information flows are executable, then experiences can go from clicks to conversations and work can go from days to minutes.

Our starting set of solutions include:

As our strategy unfolds, there will be places where we build and places where we partner. Foundationally, we are taking a poly-model approach, meaning we believe in helping our customers find the right model for the right job. The squadron of planes (i.e., LLM models) will continue to grow with time and become more specialized.  From PaLM2 to T5, we are trying and testing all types of open-source and industry models to find the best  way to  engineer our solutions. 

Trusted partner for your AI journey

OpenText Aviator is built on decades of expertise in AI, security, information governance, and risk management. What is unique about OpenText is that we understand how to best help you organize, connect, and secure your data so it can be utilized to fuel AI. But the truth is, we understand that AI is  a journey, and you might need a guide.

Our professional services and customer success teams are here to help you design for the future.  With the OpenText L.O.V.E. methodology, we put your long-term business success at the center, and we have a specific AI practice to help you architect the right information management solution to span multiple enterprise AI use cases and improve your time to market.  With the right experts who can help you build that data fabric, transform documents into metadata, and connect data across environments, AI can move from theory to reality.  

Keeping it light for flight, we know there are many needs across your organization from various stakeholders. Here are your AI-generated OpenText Navigator guides who love to fly:

“ICE” is the Yeti who can guide you through complex data terrains to better leverage AI. Let Ice help you find the right model for the right job.


GOOSE” is the goose who designs 7-star experiences. Let Goose transform how your customer, partner, and employee experiences can be reimagined with AI.

“VIPER” is the hummingbird who can help you leverage AI to reduce negative environmental impacts. Solve your complex problems sustainably with Viper.


“MAV” is the moose inspired by the Canadian Mountie who protects citizens. An expert in cybersecurity, let Mav protect your private data sets while you explore with AI.

“SKYE” is the llama who will help you make the most of AI innovations while staying true to your organization’s values.  Let Skye help you with setting ethical AI standards.


Engage with the OpenText Aviator Lab to experiment and sign up for your flight school today.

Explore enterprise AI use cases with OpenText Aviator  

Watch these short videos to learn more about the ways OpenText Aviator can help you reimagine work.

OpenText Business Network Aviator

OpenText Content Aviator

OpenText Experience Aviator

OpenText DevOps Aviator

OpenText IT Operations Aviator

Take a look at this infographic to learn more about the enterprise use cases that OpenText Aviator can help optimize. And visit to see why OpenText is a trusted partner for your AI journey.

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