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A discussion with Barclay Blair of IGI

It’s no secret that “real world” needs and implementations are often very different than hypothetical, “perfect world” simulations. Information governance is often presented as a broad set of challenges; automating the process requires that practitioners move from a solid IT foundation for compliance and risk management to capture, security compliance, and reporting solutions. Information governance professionals must master automation, planning and implementation, all without hindering the organization’s digital transformation efforts.

So, how are organizations managing the onslaught of information and regulatory risk? And, what insights can enterprises gain from organizations that are winning in risk management and data governance?

Recently, I sat down with Barclay Blair, Founder and Executive Director of the Information Governance Initiative to talk about their latest research IG Snapshots: Real-World Insights from Practitioners in the Trenches

Real-world success stories are one of the best sources of tried-and-true data governance and document management insights. The Information Governance Initiative (IGI) Snapshots series delivers this with quick stories that highlight innovative solutions for information governance success based on IGI’s extensive research and interviews with practitioners in the field.

The IGI Snapshots series brings a shot of that insight straight to you. Each one highlights tried-and-true successes through quick stories showcasing innovative solutions in information governance. You’ll learn about proven approaches to best practices in data privacy, achieving governance in the cloud, analytics and extracting value from information.

Barclay Blair, IGI Founder & Executive Director, provides insight into information governance best practices.

Listen to the conversation in the accompanying video or download the entire report from OpenText.

Mike Safar

Mike Safar leads product marketing for OpenText information governance products and serves as a subject matter expert on information governance solutions and best practices. Mike's previous experience has been in product management and marketing of leading information governance products for over 25 years, starting with integrated document management, records systems, and most recently intelligent content analytics solutions. His past experience includes positions at Interwoven, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and PC DOCS Group.

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