How intelligent forms automation can help replace legacy applications

In 2020, organizations moved from mostly in-office employees to hybrid working models and full remote working. As part of this transition, some organizations are discovering that their legacy applications are no longer on supported or performant platforms. What those applications need is a digital refresh to ensure that they are performing well, reliable, and most importantly secure for an increasingly remote workforce.

Legacy applications are typically desktop-based, installed on older operating systems or software stacks, do not take advantage of current best practices, and often have a sub optimal user experience. This not only makes them susceptible to maintenance and security issues but can also cause additional difficulties as workforces are increasingly moving to remote working.

As organizations continue to transition to remote working, many are using this transition to refresh their legacy applications. OpenText™ LiquidOffice™ allows organizations to replace their Legacy Applications quickly and easily with a modern secure framework while often improving the experience for their end users.

OpenText Professional Services have experienced experts who are able to assist and accelerate these transitions. Leveraging the team’s expertise, customers can rapidly prototype new ideas in LiquidOffice, migrate legacy data and go live with their new solution in a matter of weeks.

Does your organization have a Legacy Application that could use a digital refresh? Do you have a requirement to help manage your organizations response to the COVID-19 Pandemic? Contact your OpenText Account Executive today to discuss the options available to you.

Author: Roger Kapul, Principal Consultant, Consulting Services

Professional Services - Digital Experience

The OpenText Professional Services team consists of CEM experts with experience of thousands of implementations on a global scale. They are 100% certified and dedicated to successfully implementing OpenText Customer Experience solutions such as Exstream, Output Server or Document Presentment. The team is built around senior consultants, solutions architects, project managers and technical account managers who are able to meet business trend expectations.

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