Building a successful SaaS HR document solution with SAP SuccessFactors

When digitizing HR business processes, organizations expect solutions that lead to an improvement in efficiency through comprehensive features, but also fast project implementation. OpenText™ Core…

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January 25, 20233 minute read

When digitizing HR business processes, organizations expect solutions that lead to an improvement in efficiency through comprehensive features, but also fast project implementation. OpenText™ Core for SAP® SuccessFactors® is a SaaS solution on an extensible Cloud platform, which makes it possible to deliver on these challenges and to achieve customers’ HR business goals.

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Expectation management

Cloud implementations are typically smaller projects than traditional on-premises (off-cloud) deliveries because they are exploiting a standard SaaS solution, but they still have the same needs in terms of establishing a functional and compliant HR solution that meets the business requirements. It is still necessary to define the solution requirements and appropriate goal setting early in the project cycle. With cloud solutions it is important to incorporate a process for expectation management, particularly around non-standard requirements that might traditionally have been managed with customizations, as the options to extend a solution beyond the standard are limited.

Choosing the right supplier and project resources is also important in meeting business expectations. Organizations want a vendor that offers a rapid implementation methodology with a leading practice approach, which promises a good user experience: By buying a SaaS solution with a simplified configuration customers are calculating on achieving a faster realization of their investment. They expect to get experienced consultants who will apply their expert knowledge and deep experience alongside a proficiency in OpenText products to ensure an optimal project plan.  The opportunity here is that by accelerating the initial deployment, risks associated with longer and more costly implementation projects are mitigated.

Implementation and adoption

OpenText has captured their expert knowledge and deep experience within a solution package called a ‘FastTrak’ which provides accelerated solution delivery.  The OpenText Core for SuccessFactors FasTrak includes both processes and IP (Intellectual Property) and provides a standard approach to implementing a pre-defined solution in the OpenText Cloud based on a productized integration with SuccessFactors. This FasTrak incorporates the foundation platform and features for a rollout of the solution to an entire customer’s HR organization, providing a leap forward in the project to transform and digitize the service offered to employees, HR administrators and managers. Within the FasTrak offering, an out-of-the-box, mature employee filing configuration will be implemented after validation of the requirements.

FasTraks are an excellent foundational base to a project, meeting typical core HR document functional requirements, and in addition standard FasTraks can easily be extended to meet other business requirements though a “FasTrak Package Plus” commercial concept.  This enables the addition of customer-specific consulting services. These services can be functional add-ons but could also include professional support in the adoption phase to help HR departments to implement and roll-out the new system and processes. Digitized HR document solution projects are a business transformation, where adoption services will add significant value in supporting HR’s departmental change.

OpenText Professional Services has years of experience in implementing HR solutions and helping with user adoption strategies. This experience is critical for establishing a successful solution that employees will embrace. Learn more about Core for SAP SuccessFactors or FasTrak Packaged Services, or contact us.

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