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How digital transformation increases operational uptime

Neptune Energy Germany simplifies information management with OpenText Content Suite integrations

Neptune Energy is an international oil-and-gas focused exploration and production business. Its objective is to find and develop new energy reserves, a process that requires substantial amounts of maintenance and process documentation.

As a highly collaborative company, information management and process harmony are key. Neptune Energy works all around the world and involves a huge variety of skills. It must coordinate drilling engineers and geologists, safety experts, and economists. The challenge is to ensure everyone is working from the same, and most recent, information. Employees are entrusted to create and maintain knowledge through efficient document management tools and processes.

Neptune Energy Germany uses OpenText™ Content Suite to manage all maintenance-related documents, with an interface to IBM Maximo Computerized Maintenance Management System. This provides an up-to-date and complete single point of truth. The interface enables users to access documents in a single view, regardless of which system the information was stored in.

The result, according to Klaus Graf-Thiel, head of maintenance strategy, Neptune Energy Germany, is a faster resolution of issues, increased uptime, and a consistent approach to process improvement. The better a site is maintained, the greater the uptime, the greater likelihood the site is commercially viable.

“As a business, the advantage is the speed and simplicity with which we can access a document. Integrating OpenText Content Suite and IBM Maximo allows user access from anywhere. Documents are stored centrally, and the quality of the metadata makes documents easier to find.”

Today, users can access detailed work programs, safety documentation, and step-by-step manufacturer instructions all from a single location, with a consistent look and feel, regardless of which system the information was stored in. What’s more, two-way functionality means users can update maintenance statuses in real-time. This means not only is the information consistent, but it is also more up to date. It’s a world away from the old system of paper documents and handwritten notes. It’s a modern, digital and collaborative solution, ideally suited for the challenges of the global energy sector.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Klaus Graf-Thiel to learn how Neptune Energy Germany is modernizing its information and process management practices. Read the full story here.

Meaghan Campbell

Meaghan Campbell is a Customer Marketing and Reference Manager based in Waterloo, ON. Meaghan is responsible for managing customer programs that focus on customer loyalty, retention and advocacy. She also manages the reference activities for the Enterprise Content Management product suite, giving customers a voice to share how they are transforming their organizations with OpenText technology.

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