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You’ve identified a business problem, evaluated options, and invested in a new software solution to address the issue. In order to drive user adoption and…

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January 9, 20244 minute read

You’ve identified a business problem, evaluated options, and invested in a new software solution to address the issue. In order to drive user adoption and realize a return on that investment, you need your users to learn how to use the software. It’s been reported that ineffective training costs companies $13.5 million per 1000 employees annually.1 However, not all users are the same. Different users interact with software in different ways, according to the role they play in the organization. For example a business user or analyst will not need the same skills or depth of knowledge as the people who are responsible for the implementation or administration of that software.

Similarly, not all users will learn in the same manner. Some will prefer to have a learning experience that is guided by a subject matter expert in a classroom setting, away from the distractions of daily tasks. Others may prefer to learn at their own pace, at a time that is convenient to them. OpenText™ Learning Services delivers product training designed to meet the needs and learning styles of every functional role within an organization to help realize the value of the investment that has been made:

Instructor-led Training

Instructor-led training combines the benefits of a subject matter expert with the opportunity of sharing the learning experience with other students and gaining insights from their questions and comments. It can be delivered in a public classroom at a scheduled time or via a private classroom which allows up to 12 students to join the virtual or onsite class at a chosen time. Public classroom seats are available across the full portfolio – OpenText solutions and former Micro Focus products.

Learning Subscriptions

If considering multiple courses, an OpenText Learning Subscription may be the most cost effective and flexible option. A continuous learning solution provides full access to self-paced learning, hands-on labs, certification exam vouchers, and comes in both Standard and Premium versions. Learning subscriptions allow individuals to fit learning in on their own time, stay up to date with new releases and build skills on the topic areas of choice.

User Adoption Services

You know your users need to understand new practices and the benefits of embracing them which may go beyond instructor-led or self-paced learning. User Adoption Services blend the need to develop product skills with the essential art of change management. Over 70% of OpenText certified Learning Consultants are ProSci certified change practitioners which means they are uniquely positioned to help you along the user adoption journey.

The Adoption Strategy Development FasTrak closes the gap between technology and people. The team help to profile user groups, identify learning methods and objectives, and develop a holistic onboarding plan. This approach allows organizations to be proactive about building a plan to roll new solutions out across the organization and ensures software investments don’t become shelfware.

The User Adoption Custom eLearning FasTrak accelerates user adoption by delivering custom content that speaks directly to users in their terms. Up to five critical topics can be identified for your company and the team will custom design eLearning modules to quickly teach new ways of working with the OpenText solution. The eLearning is tailored to your use cases and reflects your company’s processes and brand identity.

Custom Learning

Sometimes standard training doesn’t quite meet your exact needs and needs to be fully customized to individual use cases. Content can be accelerated to focus on what matters most to users, combine courses into a single learning experience, or add highly tailored user coaching to ensure training concepts stick.

Learning Credits

You may not know what kind of training you need when making your software investment, but you do know that training needs to be a part of your overall plan for a successful implementation. Learning Credits are designed to simplify decisions. Credits equivalent to a currency unit are purchased and can then be applied to any product in the Learning Services portfolio once you are ready to begin training users. It is the ultimate in flexibility!


Finally, there’s no better way to showcase any product skills acquired than becoming OpenText certified! Product and role-focused certifications validate skills. Users can identify themselves as internal champions, and you know who has the product knowledge and skills needed for specific projects. (OpenText certification exams / Micro Focus certification exams)

No matter where you are on your learning journey, OpenText has options to help organizations grow and diversify skills, improve performance, and drive user adoption. The range of Learning Services offerings are uniquely designed for flexibility and to build and certify proficiency across OpenText’s product suites.

1 Employee Training Statistics: Employee Training Statistics: Cost of Progress in 2023 | TeamStage

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