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Fox Entertainment Group puts document management in the spotlight

As digital technology transforms the business landscape in many industries, it brings both challenges and opportunities related to managing digital information. As the legal community steps up to meet the needs of a digital world, law firms and legal departments are recognizing the need to ensure that information is managed and secure, yet easily accessible.

The legal department at Fox Entertainment Group recently underwent a digital transformation of its own as it sought to replace manual and outdated methods of handling legal documents. After conducting an extensive search for a document management system, Fox selected OpenText™ eDOCS, a cost-effective and flexible Enterprise Content Management solution that ensures critical business documents are managed and secure throughout the content lifecycle, while remaining easily accessible for day-to-day operations.

The legal professionals at Fox now organize agreements, contracts, and other files in the centralized eDOCS repository, allowing users to find files in a fraction of the time it used to take. Word of the successful solution spread and the document management technology is now deployed across human resources, payroll, and several other departments at Fox. It has also been integrated with Fox’s ERP, CRM, and other business applications to allow for greater efficiency and collaboration.

“When you start collecting and housing all of this information from all these different business streams, you can start breaking down these silos of information. When we can bring all this information together and have transparency in the business, it’s critical.” – Michael Burch, Executive Director of Secure Document Management Services

As digital transformation sweeps through the organization, Fox plans further initiatives including cloud access and mobile-friendly applications to provide faster and more flexible access to critical business documents.

Fox Entertainment Group is a valued member of the OpenText Elite™ customer loyalty program. To learn more about how this organization is embracing digital content management with OpenText eDOCS, read the full story or watch the video.

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Keri Linscott

Keri is a Customer Marketing Manager based in Waterloo, Canada. Keri is responsible for managing customer programs that focus on customer loyalty, retention and advocacy. Through customer programs and reference activity she gives customers a voice to share how they are transforming their organizations through technology. She specializes in activities for the Discovery, Security, Portfolio and OpenText Hightail suite of solutions.

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