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DAM for rent: The rise of cloud-based digital asset management by subscription

A more accessible way to bring DAM to your organization

The use of rich media in day-to-day operations is no longer limited to marketing departments or content-centric organizations like those in the motion picture industry, museums or news broadcasting. Rich media has now become a key part of almost any business. As a result, digital asset management (DAM) has become a valuable capability for a wide variety of organizations, from financial services to logistics providers and everything in between.  

DAM solutions are also being deployed at the departmental level, rather than organization-wide, to solve specific departments’ needs. This expanding demand calls for more flexible purchasing options. Historically, DAM has always been sold as a license purchase. But both new vendors and established providers have moved to offering customers access to cloud-hosted DAM platforms under a subscription model.  

Opening the door wider with new subscription pricing 

These modern licensing models make DAM available via a subscription fee that covers software, hosting, support and all other aspects of the system. The flexible pricing makes full-featured DAM solutions more accessible to more organizations at more levels—even just to single departments. This expanded enterprise-for-everyone pricing model also makes DAM economical for a wider variety of applications beyond marketing. 

New technology without further drain on IT 

One of the biggest benefits of going with a cloud subscription is that it introduces powerful new capabilities without significant new demands on IT resources. Many cloud DAMs automatically receive regular software updates to ensure you always have the latest features, run on optimized hardware and are managed by the provider’s experts. It’s easy to add more capacity—whether users or file storage—at any time. 

OpenText – A leading, adaptable DAM with flexible licensing 

OpenText™ Media Management™ combines a solid track record and a full feature set with industry-leading adaptability. And we’ve now strengthened our commitment by introducing all-inclusive subscription pricing. This new licensing option includes quarterly product updates, disaster recovery, powerful admin tools and single tenant hosting for greater control and security. 

While many vendors have completely eliminated license purchases in favor of subscriptions, we offer Media Management via either subscription or license. This gives organizations the freedom to pick a payment model that suits their budgetary needs, as well as a hosting solution that fits with their strategy and security requirements. You can learn more here

Conrad Henson

Conrad is a Product Marketing Manager for Customer Experience Management based in London, UK. Conrad specializes in Digital Asset Management, a field in which he has worked since 2011. As a DAM practitioner and former OpenText customer, he has interests in user-focused innovation, no-code configuration and the role of DAM in Digital Transformation.

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