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For a category that has been around for over 30 years, digital asset management (DAM) is surprisingly dynamic. However, it remains challenging to manage the…

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February 21, 20243 minutes read

For a category that has been around for over 30 years, digital asset management (DAM) is surprisingly dynamic. However, it remains challenging to manage the increasing volume and complexity of rich media that organizations and individuals create and consume. Whether it is new formats, like 3D models, new channels, like social short-form video, or new technologies like Generative AI, DAM innovation must keep up the pace.

At OpenText™, we are proud of our track-record of relentless innovation. But we spend so much time looking forward that we are sometimes guilty of not considering the milestones we have achieved. So this is a look at the highlights that were achieved over the last year in digital asset management.

Product content integrations

For many online retailers, DAM and product information management (PIM) have been a power-couple for years. We have integrated OpenText DAM with leaders like SAP, Stibo, Riversand, and Salsify. But as more brands market their products directly, the PIM market has expanded rapidly. That’s why we introduced a PIM Integration Framework to OpenText DAM in 2023, making it easy and fast to integrate with (almost) any PIM.

More file format support

As is typical with emerging content types, the number of file formats for 3D assets continues to grow. In 2023, OpenText added support for GLB/GLTF, WRL/VRML, and 3DS. This is in addition to the existing support for PLY, FBX, STL, DAE and OBJ file formats. Our objective is to eliminate the need for dedicated 3D editing software when it is only necessary to view and rotate the object.

Also in 2023, we introduced support for viewing animated GIFs in the user interface and delivery through Adaptive Media Delivery (AMD). In addition, we won’t disagree with how you pronounce GIF.

Dynamic search experience

Keyword search now dynamically displays thumbnails of top results. This accelerates the discovery of key resources and reduces the friction that decreases user engagement.

A screen shot displays the dynamic new search experience on OpenText Media Management.

Automated workflows

Automation is more than a way to increase productivity, it also drives compliance and consistency. The workflow engine in OpenText DAM was improved to allow easy scheduling and recurrence of automated jobs. New actions were added including watermarking and unpublishing from collections. A sample expiration workflow, developed in collaboration with our customers, is now provided to show how to use the new capabilities.

AI and ML

OpenText completed the acquisition of Micro Focus in February 2023, and that included the powerful and flexible IDOL Media Analysis. We wasted no time in adding support for IDOL into OpenText DAM, adding to the options available to customers looking for world-class AI image and video analysis. Key to some customers, IDOL can be installed as a private service for security-conscious organizations, so training sets and assets needing analysis do not need to be sent outside the organization.

But the big buzz of 2023 was generative AI (GenAI). We partnered with Google Vertex Imagen to add this exciting new capability into the creative request workflow as inspiration images that clarify the requirement. Listening to the needs and concerns of our customers, we added governance options such as automatic tagging, watermarking, and clean-up of images, to avoid accidental or unapproved use of assets created by AI.

A big year

It has been a big year for OpenText DAM innovation, and these were just the highlights. We’ve continued to improve usability, security, and connectivity in ways that deliver success for our customers and help them deliver success to their customers.

2024 is set to be even bigger, so stay tuned for more!

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Conrad Henson

Conrad is a Product Marketing Manager for Customer Experience Management based in Auckland, New Zealand. Conrad specializes in Digital Asset Management, a field in which he has worked since 2011. As a DAM practitioner and former OpenText customer, he has interests in user-focused innovation, no-code configuration and the role of DAM in Digital Transformation.

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