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Creating a new normal for operations and maintenance

Operations and maintenance teams in asset-intensive industries such as chemicals, utilities, resources, and oil and gas are learning to live in the new normal that recent events have forced on all of us.

While we shelter in place to stay safe, these teams must venture into the field to run and repair the assets and infrastructure that we all rely on, such as chemical plants, refineries, LNG plants, pipelines and power plants. These teams need quick access to correct and up-to-date engineering and process documentation to reduce the time they must spend in the field, and they definitely don’t want to waste time going into the office to try to find paper copies. For many, digital documents are looking better and better.

For example, by simply integrating trusted engineering and process documents right to each asset and functional location in their Asset Management application, they can quickly find just the content they need. No need to carry around paper copies or try to search in another system.

In order to help our customers provide their field workers with easy access to these digital documents, OpenText™ has added an iOS and Android smartphone mobile application to our OpenText™ Extended ECM platform for both existing customers and new customers. Here is a demo showing how this mobile application can be used by operations and maintenance in the field.

These teams have faced many challenges over the years and they have learned to be resilient. The following video shows how they can use OpenText™ Extended ECM for Engineering connected into SAP Plant Maintenance to make their jobs faster and easier.

If you would like to learn more about how Extended ECM for Engineering provides immediate access to content inside SAP Plant Maintenance, please visit our website. To learn more about OpenText solutions for specific industries, visit our Industry website.

Cameron Brennan

Cameron is the Director of Program Management for ECM-based Engineering and Asset Information Management solutions at OpenText. His focus is on large capital projects as well as operations and maintenance in the energy, chemicals, and natural resources sectors.

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