How fast can you access vital asset documentation?

Increasing project and operational efficiency through smarter information

The world is in a race for energy and that race is just as much about information management as it is energy itself. Trillions of dollars are being invested each year across the Energy sector on brownfield and greenfield projects and the ratio of fixed assets per employee continues to rise rapidly. To avoid project delays as well as ensure operations, maintenance, and engineering teams have the information they need to keep critical energy equipment running, asset documentation needs to be easily accessible and useable, so people spend less time searching for information and more time executing value-added tasks that their roles require.  

Stop wasting time searching for asset documentation  

Visibility and access to vital engineering content and asset documentation is an ongoing challenge for most organizations in the Energy sector. Up to 80% of the working day can be spent looking through unstructured content, with time wasted searching through multiple, siloed systems. But finding the documentation you’re looking for isn’t the only challenge—often, operators also encounter inaccurate or out-of-date information and documentation. 

Whether you are in capital project management, operations and maintenance, or safety, you need to transfer information via business workflows as effectively as possible. Do these workflows run smoothly for your organization, or have you experienced first-hand the impact and fallout when there are significant delays caused by the need to find relevant asset documentation? 

Remove barriers to asset documentation with smarter information  

Imagine an environment where all this asset documentation is not only dependable but simple to find using an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. Where finding data becomes as simple as the click of a mouse or touch of the screen. How much time and money could be saved by having everything you need within easy reach? What difference would this make to your organization’s ability to perform and execute effectively? 

Smarter information management can help reduce and sometimes remove barriers preventing your staff from executing effective search and retrieval of asset documentation, especially during critical events. 

With Cad-Capture Asset Navigation, you get reliable access to up-to-date engineering content and asset documentation. The solution also allows you to automatically relate the content to, and validate it against, structured asset data in your lead asset management application (e.g., SAP Plant Maintenance and Maximo EAM). You can capture, correct, validate, and activate all asset data in both native CAD and PDF engineering drawings and documents, vastly improving master data governance while delivering reliable search and retrieval of engineering content. 

Together with market-leading content management platforms like OpenText™ Extended ECM and OpentText™ Documentum™, the Asset Navigation solution ensures that critical information is available in the right place, at the right time, for the right person, to safely, cost-effectively build, operate, maintain, and repair plants and facilities across industry. 

By processing your entire range of engineering drawings and related asset documentation, automatically extracting the relevant asset tags and title block data, and then continuing to manage and update this information moving forwards, staff can work more efficiently knowing they can access information when and where they need it.  

Ready for faster, more reliable access to asset documentation? Learn more about Asset Navigation for Energy.  

Phil Schwarz

Phil Schwarz is the Industry Strategist for Energy at OpenText. With two decades of energy industry experience, Phil has become a trusted SME, having supported operators, EPCs, service providers, and OEMs across the entire value chain. Phil is an engineer by education and has a MBA, M.S. in Economics, and a Graduate Certificate in Smart Oilfield Technologies. He resides in the Anchorage, Alaska area and loves to hike and enjoy the outdoors.

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