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Driving Documentum forward with Release 16 EP5

Two key features that deliver value and a glimpse at the future of Content Services

OpenText™ Documentum™ excels at enabling companies to maintain control over their critical content, and leverage this content to enhance their business processes

In the past month, we’ve announced the availability of OpenText Release 16 Enhancement Pack 5 (EP5) and OpenText Documentum 16.5. Within these releases are two key sets of features that make Documentum even more powerful for customers, today and in the future:

  • New OpenText™ Documentum™ D2 Smart View User Interface
  • Enhancements for Documentum in the Cloud

Introducing Documentum D2 Smart View

One of the most significant enhancements in Documentum 16.5 is the new Documentum D2 Smart View user experience. Smart View modernizes the D2 experience and puts powerful tools in place for rapidly personalizing role-based interactions that meets specific business needs and improve user productivity.

Release 16 EP 5 OpenText Documentum D2 dashboard

Smart View builds upon existing Documentum D2 configuration tools, while making it easier to customize the Documentum user experience for specific use cases. Smart View user interface is an easy-to-understand, intuitive user experience which simplifies working with Documentum solutions and improves user productivity.

Smart View doesn’t require significant effort to take advantage of its new capabilities, as “classic” Documentum D2 solutions can run side-by-side with new, Smart View-based solutions.

In addition, the EP5 release of Documentum D2 provides new and enhanced image viewing tools.

Documentum D2 16.5 provides new and enhanced image viewing tools

By adding a client-side, HTML-based OpenText™ Brava!™ viewer, D2 enables users to view PDF documents and a variety of image formats without requiring a desktop viewer or client-side software installations. The client-side Brava! viewer is available as a new widget for “classic” D2 solutions and is the default Smart View viewer.

Documentum for the Cloud

Another key focus area for OpenText – and the future – is providing customers with tools to take advantage of cloud infrastructures and storage options. In Documentum 16.4, we added support for S3 storage. More recently, we’ve focused on making it easier to implement Documentum in the cloud, especially as customers look to infrastructure options such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft® Azure.

By adding new certifications for RHEL, PostgreSQL, and Cloud Foundry, Documentum customers have new options to ensure support for cloud deployments. Additionally, automated Docker builds and Kubernetes scripts help to simplify and speed deployments of Documentum to various cloud options.

Looking forward with Documentum

While Documentum 16.5 provides significant enhancements for Documentum customers, it also provides clear direction on the OpenText strategy for evolving the Documentum portfolio. The user experience improvements in Documentum D2 represent just the first step in modernizing how knowledge workers interact with Documentum.

And OpenText remains focused on delivering options to deploy and leverage Documentum in the cloud. Beyond continued enhancements to make Documentum easier to implement in the cloud, exposing Documentum content services and integration through OpenText™ OT2 will allow customers to leverage Documentum’s strengths in cloud-based business applications and custom apps.

George Harot

George is a Product Marketing Director for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, based in London, UK.

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