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Many companies today are continuing to explore digital transformation initiatives. They are embracing new technologies and solutions to improve integration and manage a diverse range…

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November 12, 20196 minutes read

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Many companies today are continuing to explore digital transformation initiatives. They are embracing new technologies and solutions to improve integration and manage a diverse range of information flows across the extended business ecosystem. However, in order to engage with these environments effectively, stakeholders across the ecosystem need seamless interactions with their business applications and must be able to trust who they are working with.

The latest release of OpenText™ Business Network Cloud Release 16 places a strong emphasis on improving customer experience and developing more secure, compliant and collaborative trading partner communities.  Along with other key enhancements discussed below, Business Network is helping companies leverage information across the extended enterprise to provide a clear Information Advantage over their competition.

Build trust and minimize risk across your digital ecosystem

OpenText is launching the Trading Grid Global Partner Directory, a powerful sourcing and onboarding solution leveraging the world’s largest community of supply chain trading partners. The directory helps organizations rapidly identify partners based on goods sold, company size, financial risk and ethical manufacturing and trade practices, among other factors. Global Partner Directory enables rapid access to trading partners, helps manage risk, and drives compliance with corporate social responsibility initiatives. With self-service connection options, organizations can expand their trading options and accelerate time to value.

Focus attention with the redesigned Trading Grid Online portal

Trading Grid Online user portal has a new interface for an enhanced user experience and powerful new self-service functionality. Trading Grid Online provides a dashboard to focus user attention where it’s needed most and delivers a centralized gateway to Global Partner Directory, Trading Grid Analytics, Trading Partner Graph, and many other value-added features. New functionality includes Community Projects for full customer support lifecycle visibility and management, and self-service features for new partner onboarding, defining custom fields, and much more. Trading Grid Online also features tight linkage to OpenText™ Active Community for comprehensive community management.

Increase collaboration with new self-service support lifecycle management capabilities

OpenText Community Projects is a new support portal, accessible via Trading Grid Online, that allows an organization to submit and manage the full lifecycle of all support ticket requests. Advanced functionality includes a guided support request creation wizard, structured task-based workflows, SLA tracking, and internal team and queue management tools. Community Projects replaces the TeamBook support portal.

Accelerate community management

OpenText™ Active Community now features automated provisioning of trading partners who register for OpenText B2B Managed Services to accelerate onboarding and shorten time to value. With an improved user experience and a configurable interface, companies can leverage supplier information that is stored as custom fields in registration emails to pre-populate trading partner profiles. This release also improves information access and privacy with a full audit trail and GDPR-compliant data collation and storage.

Improve data visualization and geofence reporting for connected devices

The new IoT Reporting Service enables customers to leverage OpenText™ Magellan™ BI & Reporting Service for advanced visualization of IoT device data streams. New user-defined device geofences and exception notifications help optimize asset management and shipment track and trace, among other use cases.

Secure access to enterprise information and related applications

The latest release of OpenText Identity and Access Management (IAM) provides full integration between IAM and OpenText™ Directory Services (OTDS) for secure access management across multiple user domains. Identity administration is simplified and centralized, enabling users to manage access to OpenText as well as third party applications. Customers and suppliers can now take advantage of a unified identification and authentication service — enhancing information security and control.

Transform data for IBM® i

Designed and optimized specifically for the IBM i platform, OpenText™ TrustedLink™ for i converts an organization’s internal application data formats to and from the data formats that trading partners require. TrustedLink for i supports enterprise-level volumes of data, as well as those of small companies just starting an EDI program. This latest release increases integration support for SAP ALE via BizManager and improves efficiency with a rewrite of internal table maintenance.

Expand global e-Invoice compliance

The latest release of OpenText™ Active Invoices with Compliance allows organizations to process invoices across a broader set of countries, including Portugal and Hungary, where the government mandates the use of electronic invoicing as a condition of doing business in the country. Additionally, improved scaling increases system performance. Active Invoices with Compliance supports nearly 50 countries for streamlined global trading.

Manage orders on the go

OpenText™ Active Orders users can now generate Advanced Ship Notices (ASNs) and labels on their mobile device with a new TGASN mobile interface, accelerating delivery of timely ASN information for logistics and tracking, and broader supply chain process support and automation.

Get real-time product and pricing updates

With OpenText™ Active Catalogue, retailers can now receive product and pricing updates multiple times during the day to ensure data accuracy and quality as attributes change.  Users can also now download a text file of image attributes.

Gain more meaningful insight

OpenText™ Trading Grid™ Analytics now features the ability to create groupings of business units, brands, trading partners and more, plus filter by custom groups, for more meaningful supply chain and trading partner performance analytics. Improved KPIs can measure invoice quantity variance against ASN ship quantity, in addition to the purchase order, for a more accurate view of supplier performance and fulfillment accuracy.

Accelerate trading for mid-market companies

OpenText™ Freeway Cloud, a mid-market EDI solution that is simple to deploy and use, offers expanded reach and faster trading with 30 new trading partner hub kits. This latest release also includes improved visibility for import/export trading partner routing locations, invoice consolidation, new forms expansions for Order Status Messages (869 & 870), Merchandise returns (180) & Shipping Routing and Returns Messages (753 & 754).

For more information on OpenText Business Network solutions please visit our website.

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