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Announcing OpenText AI and Analytics CE 21.3

The amount of content and data available to organizations is ever-increasing. It’s reached a point where 95% of businesses consider managing unstructured data a problem. Organizations need a way to better understand the information within their enterprise stores, as well as the analytics technologies they leverage to deliver the most relevant insights.

OpenText AI & Analytics CE 21.3 provides multiple enhancements across OpenText™ Magellan™, as well as a new solution, to support these requirements.

Introducing OpenText Magellan Risk Guard

OpenText™ Magellan™ Risk Guard, is an AI solution that automates the identification and remediation of sensitive content such as PII and inappropriate imagery. This could be risky content, such as alcohol, drugs, or porn, or personal and sensitive information such as credit card information, addresses, or employee performance information. It identifies over 50 different types of these categories through a powerful combination of Natural Language Processing and Understanding, Computer Vision, and BI technologies that delivers 20+ prebuilt integrated AI models in the product. As a result, organizations can accelerate compliance and workers save time in analyzing content by using a solution designed to make AI suitable for everyone.

Learn more about OpenText Magellan Risk Guard.

Accurately analyze unstructured content

Validate model precision with in-application testing

Gathering insights from a data set can be a lengthy process due to the processing power required to analyze the huge amounts of data available. To ensure these resources are optimized, it’s critical that the analysis be accurate, delivering the insights expected. With this release,  OpenText™ Magellan™ Text Mining now allows you to test your sample data against one of our metamodels, such as Risk Guard’s risk assessment. This will help you ensure that the analysis is providing the correct results prior to running a significant project.

Easily train custom text classification models

Magellan Text Mining has also introduced a new UI to train and refine custom text classification models, without requiring a standard configuration process. Instead, you simply drag-and-drop a folder that has the training data and applicable taxonomy, making it easier than ever to refine your models.

Identify new textual information

Life sciences text classification model

Speaking of text classification models, there is also a new text classification model to identify life sciences taxonomies. It utilizes the Medical Subject Headings vocabulary, which includes the subject of each article, such as Critical Care Nursing, as well as relevant descriptions, definitions, and similar terms. There are over 27,000 different entries in this taxonomy, and it is continually being updated, ensuring that Magellan Text Mining will be able to identify and classify the latest medical documents.

Identification of login credentials

One of the most significant risks in enterprise data systems is unsecured login credentials stored in data sets. According to a recent report from Verizon, over 80% of system breaches involved either brute force attacks or the use of lost or stolen credentials. To help minimize this security risk, Magellan Text Mining can now identify login credentials that are exposed and leave your organization vulnerable. 

Benefit from the cloud

Organizations have invested significant time, resources, and effort into cloud technologies – it’s why 61% of organizations plan to optimize their existing cloud use. To help companies maximize their investments,  OpenText™ Magellan™ Data Discovery and Notebook now support full use with the Amazon EMR Data Lake. This means you can choose to leverage the Amazon EMR Data Lake to train and publish a model in Notebook or explore, enrich, and analyze data in Data Discovery.

Go mobile

To better support the increasingly mobile workforce,  OpenText™ Magellan™ BI & Reporting has had important usability enhancements that make it even easier for business users and IT to create reports with fluid layouts that automatically adjust to the device they are viewed on. Such reports, also known as responsive reports, ensure that the delightful, highly interactive web experience for consuming reports on the desktop now fully applies to tablets and smartphones as well.

Learn more

To learn more about OpenText AI & Analytics, visit our website.

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Andrew is a Product Marketing Manager for OpenText AI and Analytics as well as AppWorks. Leveraging his business background, Andrew focuses on explaining the value of technical capabilities in business friendly ways by getting hands-on with the products to understand a customer's day-to-day experience.

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