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Until recently, the word “disruptive” was used to describe competitors, technologies and business models that could radically change the market that a company competed in….

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April 8, 20206 minutes read

Until recently, the word “disruptive” was used to describe competitors, technologies and business models that could radically change the market that a company competed in. The current global pandemic is bringing new significance to the word “disruptive,” bringing extreme levels of uncertainty and testing the leadership and response of companies, public sector organizations and the public across the globe. Resilient organizations are prepared, agile and innovative.

Around the globe, data and analytics are considered by CIOs to be second among disruptive technologies, with artificial intelligence rising to the top.1 These capabilities will play a central role as organizations strive to ensure business continuity and rebound from the current global crisis as more cohesive, stable, and productive entities. This includes reacting to changes in the supply chain, gaining customer and citizen insights to respond with appropriate products, services and messages, or proactively monitoring machinery and devices to ensure that any manufacturing impacted or diverted in response to the crisis is able to operate at peak efficiency and meet supply needs. Both today and in the future, OpenText™ Magellan™ can help organizations by improving decision making, automation, and business optimization.

A unified open source platform, Magellan dramatically reduces the time, effort, and expertise necessary to unlock the insights held within an organization’s vast amounts of data. With updates to OpenText™ Magellan™ BI & Reporting, Data Discovery, Text Mining, and Data Science Notebook in OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) 20.2, we’re improving data literacy, the breadth and depth of data sources, Machine Learning model governance, and introducing new cloud-native editions.

These enhancements benefit organizations by making it easier to gain insight through data visualization, reports and dashboards, providing a better understanding of customer and citizen sentiment and emotions, and unlocking new levels of agility by moving to the cloud – and its benefits of simpler deployments, updates, and faster access to new capabilities.

Improve organizational data literacy

With Cloud Editions (CE) 20.2, the Magellan platform adds several features that make it easier and faster for non-technical users to create data visualizations, reports, and dashboards. Magellan BI & Reporting has been enhanced with auto-fit capabilities, automatically repositioning, resizing, and realigning gadgets as they’re dragged onto the canvas. This allows for unique or complex layouts to be designed, such as specific arrangements for an embedded dashboard. Magellan BI & Reporting has also been enhanced with a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) authoring experience, which simplifies the creation process for non-technical users to create data visualization, reports, and dashboards. In addition, it can now also provide smart visualizations, that is, suggestions for the best data visualizations to use based upon the data a user has selected.

Similarly, Magellan Data Discovery now includes Smart Data Discovery, which recommends visualizations that are accurate and aesthetically suited to the data selected. This empowers business users to dive deep into their data and easily create visualizations that provide information for data-driven decisions. This is particularly important with the data resulting from Internet of things (IoT) where every device is a source of data that can be used to make smart decisions. Now, Magellan Data Discovery also provides a time-series analysis chart that can plot up to 500,000 data points on a time dimension. This data visualization gives a broader view of data for large data sets with a time dimension, such as investigating IoT data to asset performance.

A time-series analysis chart that can be easily created using Smart Data Discovery.

Deeper Analysis of Unstructured Content

For Magellan Text Mining, Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2 introduces new and enhanced features that enable organizations to glean broader and deeper insights from new and existing data sources.

Emotions are classified upon the weight conveyed in text; trust can become admiration if more prominent, or if acceptance if less so.

Emotion analysis is now available for English, enabling eight emotions (anger, anticipation, disgust, fear, joy, sadness, surprise, and trust) to be identified and then classified from text. This provides complementary insights to the existing sentiment analysis and its applications, such as monitoring your brand or voice of your customer.

Sentiment analysis itself has expanded to new languages, Japanese and Chinese, allowing for customer or citizen sentiment to be ascertained from expanded demographics. Data source integrations have also been improved, with enhanced connections to Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint, along with a new connection to OpenText™ InfoArchive.


Machine Learning Governance

Open source notebooks provide numerous benefits, like using popular coding languages to have access to a larger pool of data scientist talent  One gap, however, is that open source notebooks don’t typically provide version capabilities.

With Cloud Editions (CE) 20.2, the Magellan Data Science Notebook, built leveraging the Jupyter open source notebook, introduces versioning controls and the ability to track changes in notebooks. This will allow data scientists to train and test new models, reverting to previous versions if needed, as well as easily track changes made between notebook iterations. Data Discovery users can also switch between different versions of published Machine Learning (ML) models and published analytical assets based upon their need. This is an iteration upon our commitment to providing robust ML model governance, which we previously progressed with automated testing and validation of ML models in Release 16 EP6.

Increased availability with cloud-native editions

With OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) 20.2, cloud-native editions are now available for Magellan Text Mining, BI & Reporting, Data Discovery and Data Science Notebook. This next generation of containerized cloud-native software can run both on and off cloud and is currently available in the OpenText Cloud. Moving to the cloud unlocks a new level of performance and agility with simpler deployment, updates, and straightforward access to new Magellan capabilities.

Learn more

To learn more about OpenText AI & Analytics Cloud Editions (CE) 20.2, visit our release page.

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