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Science fiction anticipated the power of AI, predictive analytics and “talking” computers. But it typically showed only a small elite (Starfleet officers, hackers, robed mutant…

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July 10, 20194 minute read

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Science fiction anticipated the power of AI, predictive analytics and “talking” computers. But it typically showed only a small elite (Starfleet officers, hackers, robed mutant priesthoods) getting to use this influential technology.

In real life, AI and its data-driven insights can benefit people with all levels of programming expertise – not just data scientists and computational linguists but line-of-business workers such as bankers, engineers, fashion merchandisers and insurance claims processors.

OpenText™ knows that in every industry, AI-powered analytics and text mining can streamline operations and make them more cost-efficient, optimize the customer/citizen experience, and spot new business opportunities. That’s why the new features in OpenText™ AI & Analytics Release 16 Enhancement Pack 6 (EP6) operationalize AI through friendly interfaces in OpenText™ Magellan™, the AI-enhanced analytics platform, for each user persona, from data scientists and analysts to line-of-business professionals.

Magellan: Made for Big Data

EP6 (or Release 16.6), the biggest upgrade to the OpenText AI & Analytics offerings since Magellan was unveiled in 2017, continues OpenText’s progress in analyzing and deriving value from both structured data (figures and labels that fit neatly into spreadsheet cells) and unstructured data (the billions of words of written documents, text chats, emails, social media, scanned images, and other content that wash around us every day).

Since up to 80 percent of the information enterprises deal with is unstructured, and it comes in amounts far too massive for humans to process, they need intelligent tools that will effectively process Big Data and Big Content in a wide variety of formats, pick up on subtle patterns, and make predictions and even recommendations for next actions.

Yes, technological advances have made it ever cheap and easier to store vast quantities of data. However, there remains a big gap among enterprises today for actually turning that data into insight and action to outperform and win in today’s hotly contested marketplace. What’s incredible is that Magellan EP6 addresses these challenges. And it makes AI and analytics even more accessible to a whole range of users – the entire enterprise – along the way.

OpenText Director of Product Marketing for AI & Analytics Zachary Jarvinen.

These upgrades fall into three main areas.
Magellan BI & Reporting screenshot for EP6

Making it easier to get the data to feed AI

Magellan 16.6 adds new self-service data prep and big data ETL capabilities including a full-fledged ETL powered by open-source Apache NiFi technology.  It’s an easy-to-use, highly configurable, and immensely scalable and reliable system to process and distribute data. Furthermore, a new unified UI for the Magellan Text Mining component makes it even easier to pull insights from any enterprise content management system.

Automated testing and validating of machine learning models

Magellan Release 16.6 adds a built-in, easy mechanism that lets line-of-business users validate Machine Learning models using their own data, then automating and scheduling those validations. This helps non-data scientists also reap the benefits of creating and fine-tuning models that can pick out subtle correlations in large, fuzzy data sets and make intelligent predictions and recommendations
Magellan Data Discovery screenshot EP6

New Smart UI interfaces for users at any technical level

Emphasizing that AI is for everyone, OpenText enhanced all the Magellan modules in EP6 with sleek, visually appealing “Smart UI” interfaces and dashboards that improve data connectivity and collaboration with teams.

New features appeal to several different user approaches. Business users add popular visualization types including treemaps and histograms. Expert knowledge workers gain an enhanced self-service focused interface, including cross-filtering and global-scope filter selectors. And data scientists and engineers are empowered with OT2 cloud services including reporting and data migration.

Overall, these offer more powerful, yet easier to use options for executing full-spectrum analytic workflows from start to finish:

  • Data access
  • Ingestion
  • Preparation
  • Interactive analysis

…But wait, there’s more!

Magellan Release 16.6 also supports the overall OpenText CE (Cloud Edition) drive for greater convenience. Key components of Magellan Text Mining, the content analytics component of Magellan, are now available in the cloud, as an OT2 service. This handy cloud API allows Magellan Text Mining users to manage ECM crawling the same way they crawl the web and Twitter, with the ability to categorize and classify content, extract concepts, perform sentiment analysis, recognize named entities, and summarize text.

Meanwhile, OpenText is adding new, focused solution sets intermediate between the classic OpenText Analytics Suite (now Magellan Analytics Suite) and the full-power Magellan platform, for easier “on-ramps” to AI-powered solutions for content analytics and business AI.

Read more about OpenText Release 16, OpenText Cloud and OpenText OT2 here.

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