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Partnering with OpenText™ to develop your OEM solutions offers many benefits, but the one I hear about most is how we eliminate the time, money…

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September 17, 20195 minute read

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Partnering with OpenText™ to develop your OEM solutions offers many benefits, but the one I hear about most is how we eliminate the time, money and effort associated with designing, building and maintaining the components that support your vision. While many of these components are critical, they may only play a small role in enabling the proprietary functionality OEM developers are really focused on. Components like content services, analytics and capture—elements needed to make a product function—are probably not a core competency of their development teams.

Our products can help fill just about any gap in the information management functionality of their products—helping them get to market faster, with more confidence. OpenText provides our OEM partners with a menu of capabilities that address each stage and activity in the Information Lifecycle. However, understanding the broad selection of products that OpenText offers is no easy feat. With dozens of products in our portfolio and more being added regularly, knowing what products are available and are suited to your needs can become a complex endeavor.

To ease this pain, we’ve developed a new way of thinking about products at OpenText.

Introducing the OpenText OEM Product Periodic Table

The periodic table is a model that identifies each of the OEM-able products in the OpenText portfolio. It groups them into solution areas that align to the information lifecycle—from creating and capturing information, storing, processing and analyzing information, searching and accessing, and finally disposing of information.

Understanding the OpenText OEM Product Periodic Table

Each of the cells in the table represents a different product that can be embedded or white-labeled as part of our OEM program. Each of the cell colors represents a different area of focus that the product falls into. This information is also communicated through the symbol in the upper left corner of each cell. In total there are seven OEM Solution Areas:

  1. Capture & Digitize: Enable any application to automatically collect, ingest and convert information from the physical world into a format usable in the digital world
  2. Store, Manage & Migrate: Provide the means for the information an application creates and uses to be stored, organized and moved around within the system
  3. Analyze, Predict & Report: Add enterprise-grade, scalable and highly interactive analytics capabilities to a product or solution and empower end-users with powerful visualizations, dashboards and more
  4. Process & Automate: Enable the development and optimization of digital processes—including dynamic case management—within an application to drive insight, automation and data-driven decision making
  5. Search & Discover: Provide powerful search and discovery capabilities that enable end users to locate, freeze and retrieve necessary information, no matter where it resides
  6. Integrate & Access: Provide fast, reliable access—both direct and remote—to information between applications and data sources
  7. View, Transform & Communicate: Empower end users to create, collaborate on and publish content that is customized and targeted for the needs of their audience

In addition, the products listed contain symbols in the lower right corner of their cells which connotes whether the product is a standalone solution, a solution component or both.

OEM product bundles

Taking the periodic table model a step further, the vertical and horizontal placements of the products provides additional insight. Looking vertically within a given color group shows products that are of a similar nature (i.e., the same OEM Solution Area), but have different variations or features. For example, within Capture & Digitize OpenText offers several solutions that can ingest several documents at a time, identify, separate and classify these documents, and extract the documents’ data for use in another system. However, OpenText™ Intelligent Capture provides a platform that delivers this functionality end to end, while OpenText™ Capture Recognition Engine is a component that performs the narrower function of reading and extracting characters from image files. You can get a more in-depth explanation of our OEM Capture & Digitize products here.

Looking horizontally across the color groupings reveals even more about product relationships. These products complement one another in the service of a greater solution and can be bundled as such. For example, while on its own Intelligent Capture is a best-in-class capture platform, in combination with OpenText™ AppEnhancer (formerly known as ApplicationXtender), OpenText™ Magellan™ BI & Reporting, OpenText™ LiquidOffice™, and OpenText™ Exstream™, Intelligent Capture becomes one component of a complete Enterprise Information Management for OEM solution.

Connect with one of our OEM Account Executives today to learn more

Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, the best way to truly understand the OpenText OEM value proposition and all that we do is by talking to one of our OEM Account Executives over the phone.

Our periodic table is sure to pique your interest and leave you with more questions than it can answer on its own. By talking to an OEM Account Executive, you will not only understand the solutions we offer, but hear specific success stories of your peers and how OpenText played a part. You can also use this opportunity to arrange a demo for any of the products we offer and truly dive deep into the value OpenText provides.

To learn more, you can review the OpenText OEM Product Guide to familiarize yourself with the solutions and products available to you as an OpenText OEM Partner. To speak with a representative, please contact us.

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