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In the dynamic world of information capture products, it’s not always easy to know which product will address your use case most effectively. It pays to…

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August 12, 20197 minutes read

Capture Technology

In the dynamic world of information capture products, it’s not always easy to know which product will address your use case most effectively. It pays to take some time and learn which product is your best fit.

Earlier this year at OpenText™ Enterprise World 2019, our Capture team unveiled a reorganization of our capture products into three usage-defined groups:

  1. The first is Intelligent Capture, which focuses on delivering intelligent capture powered by AI and advanced recognition technology.
  2. The second is OpenText™ Capture, our recognition and classification tools.
  3. Finally, the PixTools family of products help extend capture capabilities to mobile, cloud and distributed solutions, as well as hardware solutions like scanners and other capture tools.

While all of these products are available to be embedded or white-labeled by OpenText OEM partners, the last two categories are of particular interest to the OEM audience as they provide highly modular functionality that can be readily added to an existing application to enhance its feature set.

OpenText Capture: Intelligent Capture and Capture brands

The Intelligent Capture platform can be thought of as a pre-packaged, integrated bundle of our OpenText Capture products. The Intelligent Capture platform includes full-featured products that offer an end-to-end experience for process automation, while components have a more singular, focused set of capabilities based on different elements of capture technologies.

OpenText offers OEM partners six main capture products:

  1. OpenText™ Intelligent Capture (formerly Captiva): Our flagship capture offering, OpenText Intelligent Capture is a complete end-to-end capture platform designed for mid-sized to large organizations with highly varied use cases. Intelligent Capture can ingest, classify, process and transform content in any format (paper or digital), from any source (including email, share drives, mobile devices, electronic forms, etc.), into application-usable data for use in workflows and processes. Software developers can also utilize Intelligent Capture as a component in their application.
  2. OpenText™ AI Augmented Capture: An amalgamation of OpenText Intelligent Capture and OpenText Magellan, OpenText AI Augmented Capture is a powerful capture solution used to provide the most advanced end-to-end capture experience. AI Augmented Capture automatically digitizes content, applies advanced recognition, and extracts and routes data to the appropriate workflow. It can collect content from any source, and apply natural language and context processing technology to understand, separate and distribute this content to the right workflows. It also provides analytic dashboards that allow comprehensive management of the entire process. It is highly scalable and can support millions of pages per day.
  3. OpenText™ Capture Full Page Reader (CFR): CFR is another OCR/ICR-based capture component that a software developer can use to build or add functionality to an app. CFR first processes the entire document as an image, then utilizes layout recognition technology to understand the regions/zones that may exist before using OpenText Capture Recognition Engine (see next paragraph) technology to analyze the text and transform it into a digital, searchable PDF document. CFR is well suited to high-volume, high-speed capture scenarios but can also support less complex use cases.
  4. OpenText™ Capture Recognition Engine (CRE): CRE is a capture component that enables the extraction and transformation of computer-generated or hand-written text from documents into application-ready data by way of OCR/ICR technology. CRE was purpose-built to analyze the regions or zones of documents – such as a job application, customs declaration or tax form – and validate and convert the text within them to a format that can be used in other systems. Especially well suited for high-volume, high-speed capture use cases, CRE enables software developers to build a custom application or add functionality to an existing application–cloud or on-premise.
  5. OpenText™ Capture Document Reader (CDR): CDR is a full-featured capture component which, like CRE and CFR, can be developed into a custom app or added to an existing app–though it is also deployed as a standalone app like Intelligent Capture has been. CDR adds to the functionality of CRE and CFR by first separating a collection of documents into distinct documents, identifying the class of each, and running a corresponding set of OCR/ICR actions (utilizing CRE and CFR as engines). CRE enables developers to add complete capture-to-process workflow capabilities to their application.
  6. OpenText™ Capture Document Extraction (CDE): OpenText Capture Document Extraction is another toolkit; however, this solution is focused on the ingestion of documents. CDE can take the information stored in unstructured content blocks and pull out the key pieces to be routed to the right system. CDE is available as a component of the CDR product.

Learn more about how you can embed or white-label OpenText Intelligent Capture or our other OpenText Capture products.

OpenText™ PixTools®: Capture Drivers and Software Developer Kits

Of course, no conversation about OpenText Capture products would be complete without mentioning our solutions for mobile, cloud, and on-premise software, as well as hardware appliances (such as scanners, printers, imaging systems, etc.). We offer an additional five capture products to OEM partners in the following areas:

  1. OpenText™ PixTools® SDK: PixTools allows traditional software developers to easily create custom, document-capture applications or integrate document imaging capabilities into existing applications. Since PixTools is built within the ISIS architecture, it provides unparalleled application-to-scanner compatibility. PixTools enables applications to communicate with more than 300 scanners without the need for any additional document imaging software or hardware dongles (keys).
  2. OpenText™ PixTools® for Web: PixTools for Web gives software developers building web-based applications the freedom to easily embed scanning and imaging capabilities into their software products. PixTools for Web is compatible with 90% of consumer-grade scanners and imaging appliances as it supports TWAIN drivers. Applications enabled by PixTools for Web can be used on any browser and require no additional plug-in or applications to install and run, providing a frictionless user experience.
  3. OpenText™ PixTools® for Mobile: This mobile capture SDK can be embedded into existing mobile apps to add capture capabilities or can serve as the foundation of a new, custom, mobile app. Compatible with all major mobile operating systems (i.e. iOS, Android®, Cordova), PixTools for Mobile enables image capturing and enhancement capabilities for, and in, apps built for any smart-phone or tablet. Developers can turn any mobile device into a high-grade image scanner with PixTools for Mobile.
  4. OpenText™ PixTools® ISIS Scanner Drivers: At their core, ISIS Scanner Drivers embed into a scanner, enabling it to capture a physical image and convert it to an electronic image that can be stored on a computer or in an application. However, ISIS is best suited toward high-volume, high-speed commercial-grade scanners (approximately anything above 40 pages per minute). They function just fine in low-volume scenarios as well. Scanners that support ISIS drivers give ISIS-supporting applications the ultimate in device control during development.
  5. OpenText™ PixTools® for .Net: PixTools for .Net is a comprehensive SDK for .Net environments comprised of scanning, viewing and image processing modules. PixTools for .Net is ideal for developers who want to create custom document capture applications or embed powerful document imaging functionality into existing applications

World-class support is available for all OpenText platforms, components, toolkits and drivers.

Learn more

Whether you are an end user in need of capture technology or a software vendor selling capture technology, OpenText is has a solution that’s right for you. Start embedding or white-labeling our capture products by contacting the OpenText OEM Team today.

Learn about our entire line of embeddable products for OpenText OEM Partners here, and read more about the OpenText OEM Partner Program here.

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