8 tips for fostering user centricity in content services

A prime measure of the success of a content management platform is its effectiveness in accelerating and improving the efficiency in the day-to-day activities of…

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February 23, 20214 minutes read

A prime measure of the success of a content management platform is its effectiveness in accelerating and improving the efficiency in the day-to-day activities of the user community.

Implementing a content management system that is connected to critical business applications and offers personalized, easy, and secure access to the right information at the right time will both ensure and promote user acceptance and drive overall performance.

Here are 8 tips to keep in mind when leveraging a content services platform to provide content in context and foster user centricity:

Listen to users 

While formulating a content services transformation roadmap, make sure that you can answer the obvious query from the users: “What’s in it for me? Listen to their needs and be sure to incorporate them in scoping and planning. Chart out a clear roadmap to explain the reason behind the initiative, the benefits envisioned and, most importantly, how it will improve their personal productivity.

Usage patterns 

Focus on the key information usage patterns and how the new implementation can improve and simplify existing use-cases. Streamline workflows and leverage customization capabilities to design a system that provides a personalized user experience. Involve the users right from the initial design phase and allow them to interact with the system as early as possible.

Declutter the digital workplace

Help users access accurate, relevant content faster by having an effective content lifecycle management in place. Using content services applications to apply enterprise-wide governance practices to previously isolated pools of information is critical in identifying and removing the ROT – redundant, obsolete and trivial. If moving to the cloud, assess what really needs to be moved.

Work seamlessly

Screen flips, multiple log ins and searching through multiple databases are productivity drains. Content services applications connect disparate systems and facilitate information flows across platforms allowing users to access relevant content in the system they prefer.  Productivity increases when a user querying a client in Salesforce can have relevant SAP data surfaced in their interface. OpenText™ Extended ECM integrations enable you to get the right connections in place.

Ease of working

A new era of remote workers requires increased focus on collaborating, sharing and accessing information. Ensure documents remain secure while users create, co-author and edit content with Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Office Provide mobile access while adhering to corporate governance policies. Enable users to view, annotate and redact documents securely and transform for long-term preservation. And fuel business processes by extending the collaborative Microsoft Teams environment to the systems that are instrumental in running your business.

Think micro

Creating a dynamic, rewarding user experience requires the ability to quickly meet evolving challenges and opportunities. Utilize the extensive capabilities of microservices to adapt to rapidly changing customer and user needs. OpenText OT2 is a next-generation Information-Management-as-a-Service platform with support for application development and deployment. OT2 fosters collaboration and helps users create compelling enterprise applications that prevent information sprawl and simplify technology investment decisions. Some key products built on the OT2 platform:

Champion the cause

All successful content services programs need strong champions to promote and educate the community on the benefits of the planned implementation or existing in-place system. Targeted and timely communications go a long way toward making the users comfortable and preparing them to accept the new system or better utilize an existing system. Identify your champions now.

Training and support

Get users involved through customized training and provide the necessary guidance they need to effectively use the system. Get them to achieve relevant certifications and recognize them for earning those badges.

Remember that successful content services platform transformations are all about engaging the users effectively and converting them to champions of the system.

OpenText Professional Services have user adoption and training experts that can help to create a user-centric strategy to meet your business goals for content services platforms.  For more information, contact us.

Author: Sangeetha Kaithalayalil Ravindranathan, CoE

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