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The right Content Services platform on your Cloud journey

Today, the power of digital transformation has been realized by every enterprise organization across the globe. The transformation to become flexible and adaptable starts with the journey from on-premises to the Cloud. Cloud service providers like OpenText™, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon provide tools to facilitate the migration of data to the cloud.

But is this journey enough to make a ‘Connected Enterprise’? Is the organization’s content:

  • Safe?
  • Accessible?
  • Integrated?
  • Governed?
  • Mobile?

You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.

Steve Jobs , Co-Founder of Apple Inc. Name

With the ever-growing digital data across an organization, the struggle to manage and make the content accessible to employees, business partners and customers has become prominent.  There are some considerable challenges that come with trying to achieve this:

Unstructured content with no governance
An organization with various departments such as HR, Accounts, Sales, and IT generate large amounts of data which gets dumped onto a single repository, this is what we call unstructured content. These contents do not have any structure and processes cannot be defined for accountability, transparency, stability, or responsiveness.

Search complexities
A large enterprise can generate millions of documents a year comprising of various types such as pdf, doc, excel, and images.  Indexing this data and making it easily searchable for the user becomes the next big challenge.

Data integration
Business partners, vendors, suppliers, and customers of an organization need to be in sync with their relevant data. This requires a system capable of integrating within and outside of the organization with minimal effort.

Mobile content
The world has become more dynamic than ever, and the necessity to access data on-the-go has become imperative. Users need to have the flexibility to store or access data from their mobile devices.

These challenges are the major ingredients to the recipe of poor productivity and chaos. They can lead to organizations investing time and money on managing the chaos rather than investing in business strategic development.

OpenText Content Suite is the content services platform which is designed to overcome that chaos and help facilitate organizations to manage the flow of information inside and outside their organization seamlessly. The Content Suite bundle comprises of different products including:

  • OpenText™ Content Server –  Captures, creates and manages content across an organization. It provides features to classify and govern data for better content security and lifecycle management. Ultimately, structuring the unstructured data and helping to boost collaboration.
  • OpenText™ Directory Services–  manages all user’s data in a central repository while seamlessly keeping all products in sync with the latest user data.
  • OpenText™ Archive Center– adds a layer of security to the content by encrypting the data and provides features for archiving contents.
  • OpenText™ Extended ECM Platform–  gives power to integrate with various leading applications and exchange data within and outside the organization in a structured and manageable way.

Content is the foundation of any organization in today’s world and the OpenText Content Suite platform provides the best tools to manage and facilitate that content to create a truly Connected Enterprise.

Leverage the enterprise information management experience of OpenText Professional Services certified Consultants to achieve your transition from on-premises to the Cloud or contact us.

Author: Shivam Guha – Shivam is a Senior Consultant in OpenText Professional Services India working on multiple OpenText technologies to serve global customers with best practice solutions for Enterprise Information Management.

Professional Services – Content Services

The OpenText Content Management Practice consists of ECM Services experts with collective experience of thousands of implementations on a global scale. They are 100% certified in our technologies, and dedicated to successfully implementing OpenText ECM solutions for our clients.

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