5 key things to consider when migrating to the cloud

Cloud computing is now touching all aspects of information technology, and document and data archiving is no exception. When it comes to security, cost savings, reliable services and scalability, there is no bigger advantage than storing your most valuable assets in the cloud. But migrating to the cloud is more complex than simply moving your data from on-premise to a cloud-based system. Here are some considerations for your cloud transformation.

Process expertise

The cloud transformation project consists of several critical steps, including planning, execution, and documentation, which are required to reap the benefits of having your data available in the cloud. To make their cloud transformation a success, organizations need to have expertise in all aspects and processes during the project period.


During the migration of data to the cloud, organizations must follow government and industry regulations, as well as your company’s corporate policies. As data is being shifted from one location to another, it is important to be able to provide proof of each step by documenting the details. Having in-depth knowledge about which information is needed by auditors will help the migration achieve compliance.


During the process of data extraction, data transformation and data ingestion, organizations need to ensure their data is secure and safe by sticking to the highest security standards. Security standards need to be state-of-the-art and as technology advances, new methods and processes need to be used in order to avoid vulnerability.

Efficiency and stakeholder engagement

Data migration is always a challenging situation and one of the most critical information technology projects. To ensure the project is being completed efficiently, organizations need to include several parties–such as auditors, the network team and information technology teams–in the migration project and guide the parties along the process.


During the migration project, the extraction of data and the ingestion process need to happen in a timely manner. The shorter the duration, the faster the return on investment and the quicker the documents and data are stored in the safe Cloud environment.

Choosing your partner

Choosing the best partner for performing a migration of data to the cloud is an important step to consider. From process expertise to compliance to the latest processes and technologies, OpenText™ Professional Services experts can guide and support you throughout the cloud migration process. By putting your valuable data into the hands of OpenText Professional Services, the cloud experts will provide the quickest return on investment and give you peace of mind while delivering security, reliability, compliance and scalability of your data, whether in the OpenText Cloud, hybrid scenarios or even in other 3rd party Clouds.

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Author:  Robert Hofer, Senior Manager Professional Services

Professional Services – Content Services

The OpenText Content Management Practice consists of ECM Services experts with collective experience of thousands of implementations on a global scale. They are 100% certified in our technologies, and dedicated to successfully implementing OpenText ECM solutions for our clients.

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