What everyone should know about moving 5 million documents – fast

NAL Resources streamlines real-time, secure collaboration with OpenText eDOCS

As a Canadian energy provider, NAL Resources remains committed to meeting current needs without compromising the needs of future generations. This endeavor demands a constant stream of secure data and informed decisions – outcomes that were elusive with an ill-fitting content management system.

As part of its digital transformation, NAL – a company of 300 employees – installed an enterprise ECM product. It overflowed, proving too cumbersome and complicated for a mid-sized company to upkeep with limited resources. Instead, NAL turned to OpenText™ eDOCS. This time, the flexible, yet secure ECM solution allowed NAL business teams to collaborate with confidence while its IT professionals remain focused on high value, mission-critical efforts.

“From accountants to engineers, NAL employees are able to make their decisions much quicker. They have critical documents at their fingertips faster than they ever did before,” noted Nicole Haddow, Team Lead of Document Management Services for NAL Resources.

The company moved close to five million documents from the old system to eDOCS. New content is loaded into the centralized repository immediately and protected through document-level security, ensuring authorized NAL professionals have virtually real-time information for making decisions that serve customers and investors. With eDOCS, they even maintained speed and security working from home during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Pandemic or not, Haddow’s team is redirecting hours previously spent uploading content to refining and automating additional business processes across the organization. “That is what OpenText eDOCS has done for us…we can help NAL meet its business goals more quickly because eDOCS is so easy,” she said.

For more about how NAL is using eDOCS to support efficient energy management, read the full success story here.

Ellie Khalili

Ellie is a Customer Marketing Project Manager based in Richmond Hill, Canada. Ellie is responsible for managing customer programs and strategic projects that focus on customer loyalty, retention and advocacy. Through customer engagement programs and activities, she gives customers a voice to share how they are transforming their organizations using OpenText technology. She manages the activities for the Legal Tech and Security suite of solutions.

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