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Take remote work to the next level

As enterprises respond to the challenges of a rapidly transforming economy, extending the scope of secure and reliable collaboration for remote workers will be a key driver of productivity.

The global shift to remote work environments requires organizations to look to cloud-based solutions to manage key applications and to secure remote workforces quickly and cost-effectively. At OpenText™, we understand the complexities involved with migrating IT and information management workloads to the cloud, whether that’s to the OpenText private cloud or a public cloud platform such as Microsoft Azure.

OpenText’s expertise in information management, combined with Microsoft’s application platform and productivity technologies, enables you to connect all aspects of your information infrastructure. OpenText solutions for Microsoft, deployed on Microsoft Azure, provide you with a comprehensive set of tools to streamline work and information flow across your on-premises and cloud environments. Seamless integration between OpenText solutions and Microsoft applications also allows you to better leverage the productivity of Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook and Office 365 users.

Augment remote work capabilities with Microsoft Teams

To help you optimize collaborative remote work environments, OpenText recently announced a new integration of Microsoft Teams with OpenText™ Extended ECM for Microsoft® Office 365™. This allows you to connect information in Teams with content from across the enterprise and makes it available to the people and systems that need it. Content created in Teams can be centrally managed, enabling enterprises to collaborate, innovate, and manage content in ways that accelerate business productivity without compromising security, governance, or control.

“As more work moves to digital collaboration environments, integrating Enterprise Content Services into Teams makes it easier to access relevant documents while maintaining information governance and compliance policies. With this integration, we are providing customers our industry leading content collaboration within Teams,” Lou Blatt, OpenText CMO.

Safeguard your journey to the cloud

The new integration of OpenText with Microsoft Teams is a valuable addition that builds onto an already extensive list of OpenText solutions for Microsoft to manage and protect content created in your Microsoft application environment, including OpenText™ Extended ECM for Microsoft® Dynamics 365™ and Carbonite Backup for Microsoft Office 365 for data recovery.

Today, there are multiple OpenText information management solutions certified for deployment on Microsoft Azure as a managed service and available on Azure Marketplace and AppSource. These solutions are critical to accelerating productivity, improving governance, and maintaining control of enterprise content. In addition, there are over 26 Carbonite offerings for Azure, that allow you to easily migrate workloads and backup endpoints to protect your business’ data in the cloud with minimal risk and zero downtime.

OpenText solutions, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft applications and deployed on Microsoft Azure, enable you to migrate your workloads to the cloud quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.

Are you ready to take your remote work capabilities to the next level? Get in touch to discuss your migration strategy.

Karl Spangler

Karl Spangler leads the OpenText Strategic Public Cloud Programs team and go-to-market strategy for OpenText Anywhere supported by our partnerships with Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. He is a technology veteran with an extensive background spanning architecture, infrastructure, cloud, security, data and global IT operations with a passion for building business success supported by strong technical strategy.

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