OpenText reimagines work with smarter information at Google Cloud Next ‘24 

Great AI starts with great information management  The Cognitive Era is upon us, with 92% of U.S. businesses set to implement AI into their operations…

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April 2, 20244 minute read

Great AI starts with great information management 

The Cognitive Era is upon us, with 92% of U.S. businesses set to implement AI into their operations by 2025 and OpenText is fully embracing this technological shift. Recognizing that great AI starts with great information management, OpenText™ is actively collaborating with industry leaders like Google Cloud to make the integration of AI more seamless and accessible.  

At OpenText, we envision a future where every company and individual can harness the power of information to excel beyond previous limits. With over two decades of AI innovation, our commitment goes beyond just providing a platform. We’re revolutionizing how businesses operate by propelling our customers to new heights through the advanced AI capabilities of the OpenText™ Aviator platform and our vision.  

Showcasing the power of information management and AI at Google Cloud Next 2024 

From April 9th to 11th, OpenText will take center stage in the AI Innovation Space at Google Cloud Next 2024, taking place both online and in-person at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  

This exclusive space will showcase Google Cloud’s latest advancements in AI and Generative AI, featuring key partners closely aligned with Google Cloud’s AI efforts. OpenText has been selected as one of nine partners to showcase the latest capabilities of its OpenText Aviator and OpenText Core Platform. 

Explore OpenText’s cutting-edge products 

During Google Cloud Next, visit our experts in the AI Innovation Space to witness live demonstrations of our AI and cloud offerings, including: 

OpenText Aviator Platform 

Across industries, there is competitive pressure for businesses to integrate AI into their business strategy. But with unreliable data extraction, lack of governance and data privacy and siloed information already plaguing a company – where does one begin with their AI strategy? 

Here’s where OpenText Aviator comes in.  

Utilizing AI to accelerate its information management capabilities, OpenText Aviator is the large language models (LLM) capabilities within each OpenText business cloud. By unlocking the power of your company’s data with generative AI, OpenText Aviator enables customers to elevate customer engagement and employee productivity, build smarter products, streamline operations and strengthen security, governance and data privacy. 

Learn more about OpenText Aviator here.  

OpenText Content Aviator 

There is no doubt that remote and hybrid work is here to stay. However, employers are still grappling with outdated systems and fragmented content that prevents seamless collaboration between remote and in-office employees. For example, traditional communication methods such as email can contribute significantly to content discrepancies across the organization. 

Employers and virtual employees can now thrive in all work environments with OpenText Content Aviator. This tool leverages the power of generative AI and large language models (LLMs) to enhance OpenText content service platforms, including OpenText Core Content. Content Aviator revolutionizes the employee experience by enabling interactive, chat-based search that empowers employees to effortlessly locate information, reducing repetitive tasks and improving productivity.  

Discover how Content Aviator transforms the future of remote and hybrid work here. 

Expert Insights at Google Cloud Next: Applied AI, Lessons from Implementation to ROI 

Embark on a journey to discover the transformative potential of AI with OpenText. On April 10th at 10:30 a.m. PT, OpenText’s SVP, Chief Architect, Lars Rossen will participate in a breakout panel session with Automation Anywhere and UKG for a candid and insightful perspective on key lessons learned from real-world applied AI solutions. Attendees will learn how to identify high-impact AI use cases, measure project success, and seamlessly integrate AI into core business processes. 

Learn more and sign up for the session here.  

Book a Meeting with OpenText’s AI and Cloud Experts 

For a more personalized consultation and exploration of how OpenText can address your specific challenges in AI and information management, book a meeting with our experts here. 

OpenText is not just providing tools; it’s offering a transformative journey for businesses to reimagine work with smarter information. Join us at Google Cloud Next 2024 and let’s shape the future of work together! 

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