Unpacking the OpenText & Google co-innovation launched at Google Cloud Next ‘21

OpenText was a preferred partner at last week’s Google Cloud Next ’21, where we showcased new cloud technologies that empower customers with the ability to…

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October 22, 20214 minute read

OpenText was a preferred partner at last week’s Google Cloud Next ’21, where we showcased new cloud technologies that empower customers with the ability to utilize customer data for personalization at scale. 

Let’s unpack the details of this latest milestone in the OpenText and Google Cloud partnership and why this co-innovation is a game changer for marketers.

Solving for tomorrow, today

What is the key to success for your sales and marketing campaigns? It’s simply knowing your customer and knowing them well. Although sales and marketing leaders have an abundance of digital tools at their disposal and access to many systems containing customer data, they often miss the mark in delivering the right content to customers at the right time.

Organizations often use a siloed approach to interact with their customers from the marketing front-end of the funnel to help customers use their products and services. Many have a myriad of apps to build a different experience tied to various data sources from SAP, to CRM, to call centers. But analyzing customer data across numerous systems and multiple touchpoints is difficult. Anticipating your customers’ interests and needs and then dynamically tailoring your messaging based on relevance is even more difficult.

That’s why OpenText and Google engaged in significant co-innovation, developing a solution to personalize the content at scale with customer data to deliver a better customer experience for better outcomes. OpenText and Google provides a common data framework bringing together campaigns and omnichannel delivery techniques. Now organizations can access the same customer data view across multiple touchpoints for a deeper understanding of their customer. Personalizing content based on customer behavior improves the customer experience and ensures every interaction is meaningful.

The image illustrates how connected customer experiences are created from a common customer data engine from OpenText and Google Cloud.

OpenText and Google partnered to develop OpenText™ Experience CDP, a customer data platform to eliminate the siloed approach many companies use today. The new solution centralizes customer data collection from every touchpoint. A common customer data engine unifies customer profiles from separate sources and imports Google audiences. Now, organizations can easily deliver relevant and enriched customer experiences across the customer journey.

Experience Platform + Google Marketing Platform

Integrating the OpenText™ Experience Platform with the Google Marketing Platform provides a common platform to interact with customers with relevant information throughout the customer journey. The integration enables an intelligent view of the customer by capturing analytics and audience data from the industry-leading Google Marketing Platform.

The OpenText and Google co-innovation enables data analysis across a variety of sources and systems, including website, mobile and CRM in real-time to provide a complete and intelligent view of the customer to empower deeply personalized campaigns and communications.

The integration of OpenText Experience Platform with Google Marketing Platform.

Analyze your data and then act

The OpenText Experience CDP breaks down data silos and brings customer data into a single customer data platform.  Collecting customer profile data regardless of location and importing Google audiences enables a holistic view across the customer journey to gather insights. 

Analyze the data with two complementary approaches. The first is with people closest to your customer — customer engagement, sales, and marketing teams. The second is with embedded Google Cloud machine learning and artificial intelligence. These tools find patterns and behaviors to optimize the customer journey.

Act using insights gathered from customer behavior to create a highly scalable customer 360-degree view. Easily customize Google Marketing and paid ad campaigns with rules and permissions. The campaigns will track your audience behaviors, and while interacting, personalized experiences are delivered to them dynamically.

Better customer experiences for the best outcomes

With the latest innovation from OpenText and Google, marketing teams are empowered to optimize every interaction in the customer journey. A common view and data consistency are essential to delivering exceptional customer experiences to acquire and retain customers for life. 

Experience CDP takes data-driven marketing to the next level leveraging a common data engine for unified real-time personalization on any channel, device, or mode of interaction, from unknown first-time site visitors to known and authenticated customers. It’s now easier for marketing teams to create personalized and cohesive customer journeys that will help contribute to higher conversion rates, happy customers, and customer loyalty.

Set yourself apart with better customer experiences and get started with the Experience CDP on Google Cloud Marketplace with solution deployment, integration and optimization support from OpenText.

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