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Sustainable ITOps: How to Balance Cost, Carbon and Consistency

Please join me at Gartner IOCS 2023 in Las Vegas, where I’ll discuss the current practices needed for sustainable ITOps based on our primary research and the experience of our own IT organization.

Success in ITOps is about optimizing costs and sustainability, while providing a consistently delightful user experience. To tackle these areas, we’ll look at people, technology, and budgets.


Users expect answers to their questions instantly without having to wait on hold for a human. Conversely, finding qualified personnel to fill IT roles is harder than ever. We’ll look at the role GenAI must play in bridging this gap.


Technology constantly moves towards more complexity underneath to deliver a smoother user experience. We have amassed millions of lines of code that haven’t been looked at in years, yielding a large technical debt while increased competition pushes us to innovate faster, increasing our release velocity. But it must be balanced with reliability. Without reliability we fail at good user experience. We’ll look at the technology needed to deliver consistent reliability.


Surveys show most budgets are flat or growing slower than needed to keep up with inflation and the demands placed on IT teams. And there is an emerging emphasis on sustainability in terms of hitting net zero carbon by buyers of products and shareholders of companies. We’ll look at how to reduce both costs and carbon in a way that sustainably meets the demands of IT operations.

Join me Thursday, December 7, at 11:00 AM PT in San Polo 3401B. I’ll cover case studies to illustrate these points, along with a short demo of how we’re implementing Generative AI for our own organization.

I look forward to meeting you at the conference.

Travis Greene

Travis is the Sr. Director of Product Marketing for OpenText IT Operations Management solutions. He began his career as a US Naval Officer but switched to running data centers and managing IT operations in 2000, gaining Expert certification in ITIL. He joined OpenText in 2005, and has been published in Security Week Magazine, InfoWorld and Forbes, while speaking at Interop, RSA, itSMF and Gartner events among dozens of others.

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