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SoluSoft helps government agencies tackle fraud faster

Kiran Thakrar, CEO and President at SoluSoft, explains how they've been helping organizations solve case management challenges

Fraud, in all its forms, is a pervasive problem, spanning industries and preying on vulnerabilities in federal and state government systems. Each year in the United States, fraud accounts for billions of dollars of wasted taxpayer money, damaging trust in institutions and potentially even depriving rightful recipients of their own benefits. 

Stopping fraudsters in their tracks isn’t always easy. Within state and federal government organizations, fraud prevention experts must conduct a thorough investigation of each case to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to bring a civil or criminal suit against the suspected perpetrators. 

With so many cases to investigate, fraud prevention teams are under pressure to move quickly. However, many departments are weighed down by cumbersome manual processes, especially for case management. Relying on email inboxes and spreadsheets makes it extremely difficult to keep track of investigations, and as a result, cases can easily slip through the cracks. 

Helping investigators move faster 

At SoluSoft, we’ve been helping organizations solve their case management challenges for more than two decades—and we saw the opportunity to transform the way that government organizations handle fraud investigations. We developed a brand-new solution, and we wanted to bring it to market rapidly. 

That’s where OpenTextTM Developer Cloud came into play. I first saw OpenText Developer Cloud back when it was demoed at OpenText World, and I it was going to become an indispensable part of our development toolkit. 

OpenText Developer Cloud gives us access to a massive range of information management APIs and cloud services. Since we can use proven REST APIs for core services such as authentication, content management and workflow management, there’s no need for our developers to reinvent the wheel—saving us time and helping us accelerate the development process. 

From plan to production in six months 

In a little over six months, we went from ideation to a full-featured product, ready for deployment at state and federal government organizations. Without a doubt, OpenText Developer Cloud helped us reduce the cost of our solution development process too. 

Today, OpenText Developer Cloud is at the heart of our new fraud case management solution. When users log in, we use an Authentication API to verify their identity. Inside the solution, the OpenText Workflow Service triggers all the processes that keep investigations moving forward. These include assigning investigators and reminding users to follow up on incomplete tasks. When a case is complete, we even use an e-signature API to allow investigators to validate their work before they share it with legal teams for further action. 

Leading the fight against fraud 

We’re confident that our solution is going to transform how government organizations handle case management. Using SoluSoft technology and OpenText Developer Cloud APIs, our solution delivers powerful capabilities for workflow automation that will allow teams to boost the number of cases they process per week by a factor of ten.  

Not only can fraud investigation departments unlock greater processing capacity from their existing resources, but they can do it while maintaining a 360-degree view of all cases. The result? Timely investigations, greater transparency, and faster action against the perpetrators of fraud. 

To learn more about how we worked with OpenText to launch our innovative fraud case management solution, click here to read our case study


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