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Elevating operational excellence with OpenText Extended ECM for IBM Maximo

The world is in a race for energy, and operation and maintenance teams across the entire energy sector are challenged to improve efficiency to keep critical equipment running. Accessibility and document control are critical to achieving this. OpenText™ Extended ECM for IBM Maximo, a key component of Asset Information Management for Energy is poised to revolutionize how asset owners and operators across the entire global energy system manage their critical documents and streamline processes in this ever-evolving landscape.

The challenge of disconnected information

Operation and maintenance professionals rely on IBM Maximo to streamline their processes and ensure optimal equipment performance. Maximo serves as the central hub for managing assets, work orders, maintenance schedules, and more. However, while Maximo excels in asset management, it’s crucial to ensure seamless integration with other tools and applications in the operational ecosystem.

Without a robust integration solution, businesses often grapple with manual document-sharing methods, such as emails, paper-based documents, or disconnected file management systems. These disjointed processes hinder productivity, introduce document inaccuracies, and pose safety risks.

In the modern operation and maintenance landscape, being digital, connected, and efficient is essential. The integration of IBM Maximo with OpenText™ Extended ECM offers a strategic approach to modernize document management, connect critical information with business processes, and elevate operational excellence.

Benefits of Integrating IBM Maximo with robust document management system

Streamlining workflows and enhancing efficiency

OpenText Extended ECM for IBM Maximo manages unstructured content related to enterprise assets and maintenance processes over the complete asset lifecycle. It allows for more efficient collaboration in asset-related projects to improve reliability, safety during production, and to reduce downtime and outages of plants. This integration ensures that critical documents, including asset manuals, engineering drawings, and work orders, are readily accessible to the right personnel when and where they need it.

By connecting IBM Maximo with OpenText Extended ECM, businesses can automate routine tasks, reduce manual data entry, and improve overall operational efficiency. This streamlined workflow allows maintenance professionals to focus on value-added tasks, resulting in quicker resolution times and minimized downtime.

Ensuring document control and compliance

In today’s data-driven landscape, document control and compliance are paramount. Managing document changes through email or across multiple systems can pose significant safety risks, waste time, and cause compliance violations.

OpenText Extended ECM for IBM Maximo provides a secure and centralized platform for storing, accessing, and modifying critical operational documents. This ensures that sensitive information remains controlled, while authorized personnel can easily access it and collaborate with ease. Robust access controls and integrated workflows enhance document integrity, helping organizations adhere to industry regulations and workplace safety.

Optimizing asset performance

Effective asset management is at the heart of operational excellence. OpenText Extended ECM for IBM Maximo enhances asset performance by providing maintenance teams with instant access to essential asset-related documents, such as standard operating procedures, manuals, and schematics.

By integrating Maximo with OpenText Extended ECM, maintenance professionals can make informed decisions, plan preventive maintenance more effectively, and reduce unplanned downtime. This optimization of asset performance translates to cost savings and increased operational uptime.

Unlocking operational excellence with Extended ECM for IBM Maximo

OpenText Extended ECM for IBM Maximo is the key to elevating operational excellence in the operation and maintenance sector. By seamlessly connecting Maximo with Extended ECM, organizations can:

  • Streamline workflows and improve efficiency
  • Ensure document control and compliance
  • Optimize asset performance for reduced downtime and cost savings.

In today’s fast-paced, data-centric world, embracing OpenText Extended ECM for IBM Maximo is the pathway to operational excellence. It’s time to empower your operation and maintenance teams with the tools they need to thrive in a connected and efficient landscape.

The integration of OpenText Extended ECM with IBM Maximo transforms how energy businesses operate and maintain their assets. By enhancing efficiency, ensuring document control, and optimizing asset performance, organizations can achieve unparalleled operational excellence. In the operation and maintenance industry, where every minute counts, embracing these innovations is essential for success.

Elevate your operational excellence with Asset Information Management for Energy and Extended ECM for IBM Maximo today.

Phil Schwarz

Phil Schwarz is the Industry Strategist for Energy at OpenText. With two decades of energy industry experience, Phil has become a trusted SME, having supported operators, EPCs, service providers, and OEMs across the entire value chain. Phil is an engineer by education and has a MBA, M.S. in Economics, and a Graduate Certificate in Smart Oilfield Technologies. He resides in the Anchorage, Alaska area and loves to hike and enjoy the outdoors.

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