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OpenText Experience brings AI to intelligent and connected experiences

Latest Release 16 Enhancement Pack 4

Imagine customer journeys that are connected and more personal; where every interaction leaves the person feeling engaged and wanting to be a vocal advocate. In our latest release of OpenText Experience, we’re employing Artificial intelligence – the next game changer in Customer Experience Management – and a focus on the user (developers, creative teams and contact center agents) to provide an intelligent, predictive and informed customer experience at any point along the customer journey.

With OpenText Experience release 16 EP4, we have made numerous enhancements to the suite platform and re-introduced Output Server, which helps facilitate the delivery of communications to multiple end points, inside and outside the enterprise. End user productivity and empowerment continue to be a key focus in EP4. Check out these new features that allow you to follow the customer from engagement to insight, extend your customer experience management ecosystem, and empower your team.

EP4 highlights and coming attractions

  • Drive Voice of the Customer insights with our new speech engine in OpenText Explore. OpenText Explore will be equipped with an intelligent new speech processing engine that make analytics faster, more accurate and scalable to drive voice of the customer insights.
  • OpenText Explore search now powered by Magellan. OpenText Magellan foundation sets our future-forward approach to AI by leveraging powerful natural language search processing capabilities for concept identification, categorization and sentiment analysis.
OpenText Explore new analytics
OpenText Explore new analytics

AI and Magellan delivering customer lifetime value

  • OpenText TeamSite is now powered by OpenText Magellan to provide shared services for vocabulary and knowledge base management. Organizations can now standardize on a set of vocabulary and knowledge bases not only in TeamSite but across all digital assets
  • OpenText Exstream offers improved orchestration of next best action at every touchpoint. Enhanced execution of omnichannel communications in Exstream – improved orchestration for automated tracking, analysis and response to facilitate engaging conversations
  • OpenText TeamSite microservices for better search scalability. TeamSite now enabled with “Search Engine as a Service” and “Taxonomy as a Service” providing the ability to scale search engine capabilities independently across the solution.
OpenText TeamSite forms

Omnichannel execution with API/Developer features

  • Partners and developers can import a library of reusable components and templates from OpenText Developer Network into new instances of OpenText TeamSite. New feature allows developers and partners to hand off websites quicker to business users to design the user experience.
  • Marketers can create and share forms natively with OpenText TeamSite. Inject forms into campaigns, online applications or landing pages, and use with their preferred orchestration engine.
  • Ability to author and manage forms for omnichannel use with improved mobile and integrated form access in OpenText LiquidOffice. More control over form appearance enables a richer user interface. New options to configure behavior result in a more intuitive UX. In place attachment handling reduces complexity and clicks.
  • Simple yet powerful form design for LiquidOffice. Manage customer submissions quickly with access to forms within the Portal. Enable users to begin where they left off with new Portal settings. Quickly share access to forms using email.
OpenText LiquidOffice mobile forms
  • OpenText Exstream provides next-gen content creation and editing tools for non-technical users. Speed time to market and reduce dependence on IT — simple to create, modify and publish relevant content.
  • Modernized packaging for better customer experience in OpenText Output Server. Faster install, ease of use and better performance due to single package install, software licensing, UI modernization and updated 3rd party components.
  • Job tracking API for external application integration in Output Server. Tighter integration with external applications such as Exstream allows customers to subscribe to job status updates to ensure delivery of critical documents.
  • Output Server enhances connectivity, with IPP support for secure job sending and Fax over IP. New release of Output Server includes a variety of features in one install including secure job support.
  • Plan project and events in OpenText Content Hub for Publishers with visibility across business units and teams. Content Hub for Publishers gives users tools to better plan for content publishing including flexible calendars and the ability to track budget, resources and status against deadlines.
  • Easily design custom dashboard with drag and drop for personalized layouts in Content Hub for Publishers. Content Hub for Publishers gives users tools to better plan for content publishing including flexible calendars and the ability to track budget, resources and status against deadlines.

Cloud and Platform agility

  • Engage contact center employees with OpenText Qfiniti directly from the AWS Marketplace. AWS customers using Amazon Connect can purchase fully managed service instance of OpenText Qfiniti directly in the AWS Marketplace making it easy to buy, deploy and begin engaging their contact center employees.
  • Gain agility with OpenText managing your CCM Exstream application in the cloud. Let OpenText manage your CCM operations, infrastructure and apps. Easily integrate with business apps and get the speed you need.
  • User interface and platform improvements make Content Hub for Publishers easier to adapt to your environment. The intuitive and friendly user interface in Content Hub for Publishers makes it easier for users and faster adoption in the organization. The platform refresh updated web application security, third party libraries and compatibility with PostgreSQL.

Learn more about a future of intelligent and connected experiences today with the new EP4 updates to OpenText Experience.



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