No more searching through the haystack for City of Dallas

For the City of Dallas, a small team faces a big task to collect data for public record requests, litigation and HR investigations. Led by Tonya Derrick, senior security analyst, the team captures and delivers critical, sensitive and often urgently needed data stored in city employees’ computers or mobile devices. Many requests are urgent and all must be forensically sound.

“We uncover all sorts of data – the missing needle-in-the-haystack kind of thing,” explained Tonya Derrick, senior security analyst for the City of Dallas.

The data collection process used to be arduous and time-consuming, occasionally exceeding the state-mandated turnaround. Then, Derrick and her team revved up OpenText™ EnCase™, part of the OpenText Security Suite.

Now, finding relevant data is automated and saves time – in some instances, from more than 10 days to an afternoon. Rather than spending all day reviewing files one by one, Derrick’s team sets up the case and presses a button. EnCase does the searching and captures the relevant data.

“(We’re able to) do a quick search of it and be done with it,” Derrick noted. “OpenText EnCase has really just made tremendous strides for us.”

Whether filling requests from Dallas citizens, city attorneys, the police or HR department, Derrick’s lean team is amplified by OpenText™ EnCase™ eDiscovery for 360 degree visibility across all devices, sources and locations. It is better able to support thorough and timely investigations and court proceedings as well as straight-forward records access for thousands of fellow employees and more than one million residents.

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Keri Linscott

Keri is a Customer Marketing Manager based in Waterloo, Canada. Keri is responsible for managing customer programs that focus on customer loyalty, retention and advocacy. Through customer programs and reference activity she gives customers a voice to share how they are transforming their organizations through technology. She specializes in activities for the Discovery, Security, Portfolio and OpenText Hightail suite of solutions.

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