New Futurum Report: How Mainframe Modernization Begins with Application Modernization

Download report and watch discussion exploring smarter mainframe modernization.

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November 29, 20233 minute read

Why are organizations pursuing mainframe modernization? What are today’s mainframe modernization options? And how can OpenText help organizations achieve smarter modernization?  

These questions and more are addressed in a new research report by The Futurum Group in partnership with OpenText, which explores how mainframe modernization practices can help enterprises leverage their existing IT assets and make them more agile, cost-effective, and usable long into the future.  

With case studies demonstrating successful modernization projects, the report delves into current topics faced by many enterprises today as they navigate the modernization process. Some of these topics include application re-platforming, how OpenText can help to simplify application complexity, and how enterprises can use adaptable, responsive technology stacks to improve and modernize their operations. The report also tackles how mainframe and application modernization can help to futureproof hiring strategies and attract new workers in what is a continuous journey to modernize and improve enterprise IT infrastructure.  

  • Benefits of Application Modernization as Mainframe Modernization: Mainframe modernization does not mean replacing business-critical applications. Leveraging existing assets to reuse critical applications and build reliable new architectures on standard hardware can be game-changing for enterprises. A challenge today is the mainframe and COBOL skills gap as non-COBOL developers struggle to maintain and modernize existing COBOL applications. 
  • What Are Signs That Application Modernization Is Needed? From shortages of skilled mainframe system programmers to the push for using modern tools, there are several signs that application modernization is needed.  
  • Mainframe Modernization Options: Evaluating and classifying IT modernization strategies enables a sensible path toward choosing modernization options. While enterprises can buy new commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications to replace mainframe applications, this approach factors out specific business logic that has been coded into mission-critical systems over the decades. 
  • Introducing Smarter Modernization by OpenText: In evaluating issues of mainframe modernization and application modernization, The Futurum Group highlights that OpenText stands out in helping enterprises modernize and improve their mainframe infrastructures.  
  • Mainframe Application Criteria for Decision-Making: How can enterprises use OpenText modernization technology and tools within their own operations? To determine this, a detailed, step-by-step analysis of the enterprise’s mainframe applications is performed. This determines which applications to include in the mainframe modernization and application modernization paths.  
  • How OpenText Delivers Application Modernization: OpenText delivers a holistic approach to application modernization across three critical pillars: application, process, and infrastructure. Instead of attempting to rewrite a custom, monolithic mainframe application or replacing it with a new commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product, OpenText’s modernization technology enables applications to be decoupled from their hardware platforms and reused elsewhere, including in containers and the cloud. 

Download the full report: How Mainframe Modernization Begins With Application Modernization 

The Inside Story: Watch Futurum and OpenText Discuss Mainframe Modernization 

In this 15-minute discussion, Steven Dickens, Vice President and Practice Leader at Futurum Group, and Neil Fowler, Senior Vice President, Application Modernization, at OpenText, discuss why organizations are seeking mainframe modernization today, and the various modernization options available. They also take a closer look at how mainframe modernization practices can help enterprises leverage existing IT assets and make them more agile, cost-effective, and usable long into the future.  

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