Micro Focus Communities—Industry Gold Award Winner

Verint’s Innovate Awards 2022 presented its Gold Award for Driving Digital-First Engagement to the Micro Focus Community site in recognition of its transforming customer and employee engagement through innovation, talent, and technology.

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December 5, 20222 minute read

Digital-first engagement is how most consumers want to interact with brands. Micro Focus is proud to announce that Verint®, a customer-engagement company, awarded us their Gold Award in the “Driving Digital-First Engagement” category.

When it comes to engagement, today’s customers often look for digital-first. So, it’s especially exciting when Verint, a company that specializes in customer engagement, recognizes us for excellence in this area.

On November 21, Verint’s Innovate Awards 2022 presented us their Gold Award for Driving Digital-First Engagement for the Micro Focus Community site. It recognizes companies who transform “customer and employee engagement through innovation, talent, and technology.” Micro Focus uses Verint’s Telligent Community platform to provide support, elevate the voice of the customer through ideation and other initiatives, and to increase productivity.

The Community provides our 120K members the opportunity to access over 2.5 million pieces of technical content on more than 100 products, 24×7 at no charge. They can ask questions, contribute, get tips and news, engage volunteer Knowledge Partners, earn badges, and more. With more than 4 million views and 400K interactions monthly, we know that the Community provides our customers real value that differentiates their experiences, so they get the most out of their Micro Focus solutions—and it helps drive value and loyalty for everyone involved.

This is a huge recognition, underpinning our ongoing commitment to our customers, and I´m very proud of our Micro Focus Community managers, and the hard work and dedication from all the teams involved in this achievement. A huge thank you also goes to our customers who continue to trust us and their peers every day with their questions, comments, and ideas.  Micro Focus will continue to strive to be the gold standard for digital-first engagement.

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