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Maximize test coverage with OpenText DevOps Aviator

Success in DevOps requires a delicate balance of velocity, agility, and quality. Any missteps could lead to issues ranging from escaped defects, rework, excess waste, and to a large extent, gaps in test coverage.

Who’s to blame, though? After all, creating tests using traditional methods is limited by the human mind’s capacity and understanding of test requirements, which causes unintended gaps in coverage and defect leaks. Take an innovative approach with generative AI and remove the guesswork.

A new era of possibilities

Generative AI models can generate realistic images, write text, create synthetic data, compose music, and more. All the hype surrounding it today is driven by its simplicity and breadth of possibilities. With the latest advances in large language models (LLMs), generative AI has the capacity to revolutionize industries by producing high-quality content with minimal human effort.

OpenText is pioneering this new era of possibilities where generative AI complements human creativity to become tomorrow’s solutions with OpenText DevOps Aviator.

Introducing OpenText DevOps Aviator

OpenText DevOps Aviator is the ultimate solution for optimizing software delivery in the digital age. Its cutting-edge generative AI capabilities and next-generation LLM empowers developers, supercharges application delivery, and unlocks deep insights into your digital value stream.

DevOps Aviator uses the power of generative Al to tailor specific content that alleviates guesswork. It does this by generating a list of suggested test ideas to choose from.

screenshot of a new window open on a laptop that shows a list of AI-generated test ideas, and the user has selected one of them
Select or deselect suggested test ideas from the list.

Developers and testers can add tests instantly to their test plan with a single click, saving countless hours and ensuring comprehensive test coverage.

screenshot of a new window open on a laptop that shows a list of details included in an AI-generated test idea the user has selected, and the user has the option to accept or cancel
Accept the suggested test ideas you selected.

Next-level DevOps with next-generation AI

As generative AI continues to make waves, its promise to revolutionize development and testing will usher in a new era where tests become increasingly autonomous, self-sufficient, and optimized for speed-to-value.

Re-imagine the future with DevOps Aviator and start

  • Improving test coverage in less time and with less effort.
  • Minimizing manual repetitive tasks and greatly reducing rework.
  • Empowering developers and testers with value generating work.
  • Identifying and mitigating high-value risk areas.

Michael ORourke

Michael O'Rourke is a product and marketing technologist with 20 years of experience in cloud, enterprise software, and DevOps. His diverse background derives from countless successes at HPE, IBM, T-Mobile, and more. He holds a degree in Management Information Systems and is a certified Scrum Product Owner, Scrum Master, PMP, and Pragmatic Marketing practitioner. He is also an international speaker, trainer, and blogger. At OpenText, Michael drives the development and execution of go-to-market strategies for OpenText DevOps and VSM solutions.

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