Take productivity to new heights with AI-assisted DevOps 

Gain insight faster and accelerate work with a powerful AI-assisted chat agent at your fingertips, powered by next-generation LLM.

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April 15, 20243 minute read

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Generative AI is not just another trend anymore. The future of testing and quality management is shifting toward AI-powered software delivery. As more enterprises begin to realize its full potential, generative AI will undoubtedly reshape the total landscape of DevOps.

It should go without saying that OpenText is pioneering this opportunity as a trusted partner by ushering in a new era of possibilities where generative AI complements human creativity to become tomorrow’s solutions.

AI- and LLM-powered DevOps

Last October, we launched our AI- and LLM-powered DevOps solution, OpenText DevOps Aviator. Enhanced by Google® Vertex AI, it is the ultimate solution for empowering developers, supercharging application delivery, and unlocking deep insights into value stream KPIs.

Using DevOps Aviator helps save time and release better quality software while leaving risks and setbacks behind. No matter your level of expertise, its cutting-edge generative AI capabilities and next-generation LLM can reduce the burden on software development and testing.

Smart AI-assisted chat experience

With the latest advances and innovations in generative AI, DevOps Aviator just got a boost.

DevOps Aviator now empowers users by translating complex information into plain English, enabling teams to get results rapidly through a simple conversational interface. Its new AI-assisted chat agent, called “Smart Assistant”, lets users interact with AI to get quick answers about features, tasks, and tests. This enables teams to request information and get simple, concise responses in a user-friendly language, helping gain insight faster and accelerate work.

Smart Assistant also supports diverse use cases for nearly everyone on the team—user story breakdowns, feature summaries, concise summaries of user comments, and more. For example:

  • Product Owners can generate a quick summary of features for stakeholders.
  • Developers can get a breakdown of suggested user stories for a feature.
  • QA Engineers can merge existing tests easily by grouping duplicate tests.
  • Marketing Specialists can generate a quick summary of a feature for user-facing content.

For convenience, sample quick-response buttons are also at your disposal to help you get started.

DevOps Aviator CE 24.2 - Ask me anything screenshot

Smart Assistant with sample quick-response buttons

In addition, this interactive chat experience in OpenText DevOps Aviator helps

  • Level up productivity and efficiency across the entire value delivery flow.
  • Make better decisions easily using natural language
  • Minimize risks and rework early on by ensuring users find relevant information.
  • Find answers whenever you need—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Next-level DevOps with next-generation AI

As generative AI continues to make waves, its promise to revolutionize development and testing will usher in a new era where tests become increasingly autonomous, self-sufficient, and optimized for speed-to-value.

Re-imagine the future with DevOps Aviator and start

  • Saving time by reducing waste and rework.
  • Empowering developers and testers with value generating work.
  • Doing away with outdated methods that slow you down.
  • Ensuring operational efficiency reaches its peak.

Learn more about OpenText DevOps Aviator.

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Michael O’Rourke is a product and marketing technologist with 20 years of experience in cloud, enterprise software, and DevOps. His diverse background derives from countless successes at HPE, IBM, T-Mobile, and more. He holds a degree in Management Information Systems and is a certified Scrum Product Owner, Scrum Master, PMP, and Pragmatic Marketing practitioner. He is also an international speaker, trainer, and blogger. At OpenText, Michael drives the development and execution of go-to-market strategies for OpenText DevOps and VSM solutions.

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