OpenText World Europe 2024: Revolutionizing ADM and DevOps with AI

Hello, hallo,  and bonjour, Tech Visionaries! As we close the book on another inspiring chapter at OpenText World Europe 2024, held in the vibrant cities…

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April 22, 20243 minute read

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Hello, hallo,  and bonjour, Tech Visionaries!

As we close the book on another inspiring chapter at OpenText World Europe 2024, held in the vibrant cities of London, Munich, and Paris, let’s reflect on the pivotal conversations and innovations that are reshaping the future of ADM and DevOps through the power of AI.

Crafting clouds: The next internet era

Our CEO and CTO, Mark J. Barrenechea, brought to light a transformative vision: “It is not an internet anymore. It is an internet of clouds.” This paradigm shifts how we perceive and interact with cloud computing, emphasizing a network of intelligent, interconnected clouds that enhance communication across platforms and services. In this new era, our enhanced OpenText DevOps Cloud Aviator acts as a seamless facilitator, ensuring cloud-to-cloud interactions are as efficient as they are innovative.

Embracing AI: A new frontier in technology

Mark’s compelling directive, “Start with AI and carve your course backward,” reminds us that AI is not just a tool but a foundational element in redefining operational efficiencies and strategic decision-making. The latest update to DevOps Cloud Aviator, now equipped with an AI-driven “ask me anything” smart assistant, exemplifies this shift. This feature simplifies complex data interactions, offering conversational and intuitive access to information, which enhances user experience and accelerates productivity.

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A fortress of security and data sovereignty

Echoing the importance of robust security measures, Muhi S. Majzoub, our EVP & Chief Product Officer, highlighted our unwavering commitment: “We govern, secure that information for you…” This philosophy is ingrained in every layer of our product development, ensuring that as we innovate, we also protect. With stringent data governance practices and a focus on compliance, we build trust with our users, ensuring their ventures into AI and cloud computing are secure.

Elevating human potential

At all three events, we highlighted how AI’s integration across our platforms is not just enhancing operational efficiency but is fundamentally elevating human potential. This shift toward more intelligent systems allows our users to achieve greater productivity and make more informed decisions, underlining AI’s role as a catalyst in transforming business landscapes.

Our commitment to Europe

“We are 5,000 experts strong across 21 countries in Europe,” declared Mark, emphasizing our deep commitment to the European market. This regional focus ensures that we meet the unique compliance and data sovereignty requirements of our European clients, providing tailored solutions that respect local regulations and needs.

The journey continues

As we look forward, the integration of AI in ADM and DevOps is not just a trend but a trajectory towards more insightful, efficient, and secure business practices. With initiatives like DevOps Cloud Aviator and our commitment to security and regional support, OpenText is at the forefront of this technological evolution. Thank you for being a part of OpenText World Europe 2024. As we continue to innovate and redefine the technological landscape, we invite you to join us in this exciting journey toward a smarter digital future. Meet us online or in-person at our next event, STAREAST 2024, where we’ll showcase DevOps Aviator again.

Ready to explore how these insights can transform your business operations? Contact us today, and let’s pioneer the future together!

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