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Gain faster insight and rapid results with OpenText DevOps Aviator

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Find it early, fix it fast using generative AI

In DevOps, multiple teams are constantly working on projects, iterations, and releases, which makes it necessary to maintain continuous oversight. Poor oversight leaves your business exposed to points of risk that can impact software quality, and you can’t fix a problem if you can’t see it. This also impedes the decision-making processes from the code level to the CEO level.

With that in mind, it may not be surprising to know that a study conducted by Forrester Consulting found 65 percent of decision makers struggle with insufficient visibility and actionable insight.

A new era of possibilities with generative AI

Large-scale generative AI models are opening up the possibilities for developers and testers to do anything—from generating test ideas to rapidly building UI dashboards and more. As more enterprises are realizing generative AI’s full potential, it’s relieving their frustration and helping them make better informed, data-driven decisions by gaining high-value insights and rapid results.

OpenText is pioneering this new era of possibilities where generative AI complements human creativity to become tomorrow’s solutions—and it begins with OpenText DevOps Aviator.

Introducing OpenText DevOps Aviator

OpenText DevOps Aviator is the ultimate solution for optimizing software delivery in the digital age. Its cutting-edge generative AI capabilities and next-generation large-language model (LLM) empowers developers, supercharges application delivery, and unlocks deep insights into your digital value stream.

DevOps Aviator interprets everyday, conversational instructions to auto-configure dashboard widgets.

window open on top of dashboard window with search examples: what is the trend of escaped defects across releases? what is the distribution of value delivery? etc.
Utilize conversational search to generate widget

In the blink of an eye, you can build robust, customized dashboards that monitor critical projects and pinpoint potential risks that could jeopardize software quality.

window open on top of dashboard window with example request for new widget: is our time to market speed improving? And there is a graph below it.
Add new widget to dashboard

This saves hours of work by removing the complexity of manually building and configuring dashboard widgets from scratch.

*Note: This feature is available in tech preview for any customer interested in trying it out.

Next-level DevOps with next-generation AI

As generative AI continues to make waves, its promise to revolutionize development and testing will usher in a new era where tests become increasingly autonomous, self-sufficient, and optimized for speed-to-value.

Re-imagine the future with DevOps Aviator and start

  • Gaining rapid insight into your projects and quality risks—all in one easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Doing away with outdated methods that slow you down.
  • Ensuring operational efficiency reaches its peak.
  • Centralizing quality from a single point of visibility and control.

Michael ORourke

Michael O'Rourke is a product and marketing technologist with 20 years of experience in cloud, enterprise software, and DevOps. His diverse background derives from countless successes at HPE, IBM, T-Mobile, and more. He holds a degree in Management Information Systems and is a certified Scrum Product Owner, Scrum Master, PMP, and Pragmatic Marketing practitioner. He is also an international speaker, trainer, and blogger. At OpenText, Michael drives the development and execution of go-to-market strategies for OpenText DevOps and VSM solutions.

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